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November 2007’s Posts.

  1. Google can't code

    "The half-assed HTML these guys grew up with between D&D sessions in suburban basements is considered good enough," Joe Clark writes.

  2. Get rid of text-resizing widgets

    Accessibility expert Joe Clark explains why those tools (and, I'd add, others duplicating browser functions) are pointless.

  3. Pre-Seattle FAQ

    So as the preparations for Seattle get underway, and we pack in the visits with friends, a few common questions are emerging. What better way to address the most common ones than a trusty old FAQ.

  4. National Post redesign's site

    The new look is an tremendous improvement over the previous design, and not offers comments and widgets.

  5. The economics of online news

    Some interesting thoughts about the business of online news from the media owners themselves.

  6. Globe Docs: Raven and Jason

    Wow, this compelling documentary (and the others available) shows The Globe and Mail doesn't just print words on pulp.

  7. Optimal site width

    A comprehensive survey of browsing habits suggests more than 80% of people browse at a browser width of 1000 pixels.

  8. Guardian and NYTimes fight for top slot

    Guardian Unlimited squeaked by the nytimes.com to be the top newspaper site in the world.

  9. Firefox 3 new user interface

    Alex Faaborg, member of the Firefox UI team, goes into great and interesting detail about the thinking for the browsers new interface.

  10. Text selection improvements in Firefox 3

    Selecting (and copying) separate chunks of text at once.

  11. Canadian online ad growth to slow

    Online ad spending will triple its 2006 value by 2011 in Canada, but year-over-year growth will steadily slow.

  12. Digg the Candidates

    Digg applies its unique approach to covering the U.S. presidential candidates.

  13. Jeremey Keith on Web design

    Another take on the current tension with the Web design community (of which Zeldman's essay is an antidote).

  14. Breaking news twittered

    Covering big breaking news via Twitter may be more effective than email/SMS blasts.

  15. Responding to colour profiles

    Apparently Safari is the only non-beta browser (Firefox 3 will) to correctly support a wide gamut of colour profiles online.

  16. Zeldman on Web design

    In fine form, Mr Z. defines Web design a definition so apt, it will become the new standard.

  17. Freelancing calculator

    Struggling to figure out what to charge? This tool may help.

  18. Amazon's Kindle

    The new e-reader tremendously improves on other similar offerings, but the interface and display will still disappoint most people.

  19. Canadian wireless prices becoming rational

    In less than five months, the 1GB plan for most carriers has dropped in price by more than $2200, but still nearly double U.S. pricing.

  20. An Overview of the Best Practices

    Looking at the key best practices emerging in the Web design industry.

  21. Toronto's light sabre battle

    Two-thousand come out to have a Friday night light sabre fight in front of the Royal Ontario Museum

  22. Canada legally recognizes "responsible journalism"

    Essentially, there is a new defense for lawsuits arising from the publication of a well-researched story in the public interest.

  23. RSS readers visit more often

    Fairly obvious conclusion, but worth saving for evidence when needed.

  24. Top 100 indie rock albums

    As chosen by Blender and commented on by Stereogum

  25. Clark's Law

    Joe Clark: "The more expensive an online system is, the worse its output is."

  26. Seven rules of unobtrusive JavaScript

    Excellent advice for developing JavaScript in a progressive enhancement way.

  27. The new CSS handheld format

    Okay not new, but as mentioned in this article, CSS3's media queries are being quickly adopted.

  28. Thank Hotwired, Saila suggests

    Although my first thought was to Twitter this (apparently the frequency for which I do that is starting to make cats salivate), but it deserved more than 140 characters. That being said, had it been a little tweet it would have said this:

  29. Citizen journalism bares witness

    The video of Tasering of Robert Dziekanski is a demonstration of how effective citizen journalism can be.

  30. Safari 3 enhancements

    Detailing ten new things in the version of Webkit powering Safari 3

  31. Safari 3 comes to Tiger

    Now Mac OS 10.4 users will enjoy a greatly enhanced browser.

  32. Death knell for online subscriptions

    With WSJ.com and FT.com going free, selling news online as a business model has been (wrongly, in my mind) killed.

  33. Smells like Seattle

    Almost exactly five months ago , I started my first major foray into the world of self-employment and began working with a series of exceptional clients to develop web applications and advise about online strategy. The quality, and quantity, of work surprised me, and I savoured every moment of it.

  34. The best minds of my generation...

    A version of the AP's obituary for Norman Mailer (at The Globe and Mail) mangles the spelling of Allen Ginsberg's name.

  35. Agile journalism

    Mathew Ingram explains how journalism can learn from the agile approach to Web development.

  36. The new MSNBC.com

    One of the biggest, and oldest, online news sites in the U.S. launches its redesign

  37. Microsoft licensed Eolas technology

    Internet Explorer will once again be able to run plug-ins without requiring the user to "click to activate"

  38. MSNBC.com does an alpha

    A blog from the development/design team at MSNBC.com. Watch this space.

  39. Ed Greenspon on direction of The Globe and Mail

    The editor talks about the new design changes and the goals the company has for the newspaper and Web site.

  40. Home computer sales dropping

    ...in Japan, which could signal a future North American trend (assuming the mobile space gets worked out).

  41. Security risk in online ads

    Tucson Newspapers detected banner ads that, surreptitiously, tries to install spyware on a readers computer.

  42. Prism builds for Mac & Linux

    As the title says the Mozilla attempt to bring the Web to the desktop is now available on non-Windows programs.

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