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Smells Like Seattle

Pre-Seattle FAQ

So as the preparations for Seattle get underway, and we pack in the visits with friends, a few common questions are emerging. What better way to address the most common ones than a trusty old FAQ.

Are you excited?

Yes, no, maybe, depends. Definitely excited about the new job and opportunities is has; looking forward to the trip and discovering a new city; glad I’ll be able to better get to know a bunch of people I’ve known online for years. However, I’m really going to miss Toronto and the people here.

When do you move?

Around the end of the year.

Yeah, but when

Around end of the year. (We’ll know better when we get closer.)

Are you going miss Toronto?

Yes (see my answer to whether I’m excited), but most definitely not its winters (and on occasion, its summers).

Are you getting a green card?

Not yet, we’re planning on going down on a special visa.

What are you going to be doing’exactly?

I’ll be the Director of Site User Interface for MSNBC.com and its related properties to working with an amazing team and continue to enhancing its Web design (and user experience).

Lee will likely be taking up art again, but beyond we’ll see what happens.

Where are you going to live?

Dunno, but we hope to know before Christmas. Looking to be in Seattle proper (maybe in Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, or somewhere downtown) ideally, with a yard, a washer/dryer, and close to transit. We’re heading down in mid-December to look for a place.

Are you going to get a car?

That’s not the plan (see above).

Is your dog coming?

Yes…<sarcasm type="mild">unless you want him</sarcasm>. (He’s a great little basset hound, BTW, name after a great little band.)

Can we get together before you go?

As much as I would love to meet with friends individually, family has now taken priority. But, you’re most definitely invited to come to our send-off party on December 1st, in Toronto (more info at Pownce, Facebook, and here on the site).

How will we get in touch with you when you’re gone?

Same as before: the Toronto phone number stays the same, as does the email and the Web site. Only thing changing is the mailing address (but only a few of you ever used that) and the buzzer code.

Are you ever coming back?

To visit? Most definitely.

To live? We’ll be back before we retire…and likely the exact moment the Canadian dollar sinks to record lows again.

Anything I missed? Let me know.