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December 2007’s Posts.

  1. The year that was

    A decade ago, the Web was in a boom that would lead to a bubble — now, it’s in a boom that will lead to…

  2. Netscape dead again

    February 1, 2008 marks the end of AOL's support for the Netscape browser.

  3. T-5 Days

    We’ve done the holiday tours, and the packers are here now, boxing up the last remnants of our stuff which will follow us into Seattle a few days after we land on January 2.

  4. CBC.ca calls for original online content

    The call for freelance online projects is rare, but to bulk about its resources, CBC.ca has put out a call for some pitches.

  5. CSS Working Group proposals

    Ideas on reforming the W3C's CSS standardization process, from Andy Clarke. Agree or not, this is a huge issue that needs to be discussed.

  6. Donation seeking non-profits in Toronto

    The City of Toronto has a huge list of non-profit agencies accepting donations of computer equipment, clothing, and books.

  7. Shrink your code

    Four ways to help reduce the size of the files delivered from your site.

  8. Google Chart API

    Simple URL-based schema renders complex charts for up to 50,000 views a day.

  9. Disposable fuel cells by Bic?

    Forget recharging batteries, Bic wants to develop a replaceable fuel cell that can power a cell phone for weeks.

  10. Creating sexy stylesheets

    It may not be sexy, but Jina Bolton's advice one building a stable CSS suite is worth following.

  11. Most reads feeds more reads

    The globeandmail.com now offers newsfeeds for its most read and recommended articles -- expect the best (content).

  12. Molly vs. Bill G. on IE8

    Molly wonders why Microsoft is being so tight-lipped about IE 8, and Bill promises to look into it.

  13. Canoe.tv and CBC

    Quebecor leverages CBC content to prop up its "interactive" TV attempts. Ahh, the minds hired by PPK shine so bright...

  14. HTML 5 preview

    Finally, a decent overview of the next step in the Web's core language.

  15. T-1 month

    Today marks the first day of our last month in Toronto, the first day we are not working, and the night of our Toronto send-off. It also happens to be snowing in Seattle and freezing in Toronto, alas, at least the loonie’s fallen back to par with the greenback…

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