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Smells Like Seattle

T-5 Days

We’ve done the holiday tours, and the packers are here now, boxing up the last remnants of our stuff which will follow us into Seattle a few days after we land on January 2.

The past few post-party (and post Winter Storm #1) weeks have been a whirlwind of purging, waiting, searching, visiting, and more waiting. However, our house-hunting trip to Seattle was a success; but only after a cancelled flight, missed appointments, and a last minute visit arranged by the miracle tool that is an iPhone on an unlimited data plan.

Sidenote: extrapolating the 20Mb or so of data I used in our three days over an entire month of usage would mean, with a Canadian carrier I would need the most expensive plan offered, and therefore, would cost me an additional $50-a-month.

Sidenote to the sidenote: over the holidays I saw a “Win an iPod” contest on the Canadian Global television network. Having been offline for about ten days, I had figured maybe the Canadian iPhone had arrived. As far as I can tell, though, it hasn’t. Best guess: post-MacWorld in January.

Now, with most things packed, cancelled, and switched-off, we are in a state of limbo and have nothing really to do except catch-up on some sleep before ringing in what will be a very new year.