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February 2011’s Posts.

  1. Toronto's digital start-up scene

    When I left the city, Internet startups barely existed, now the scene has its own superstars

  2. TVO archives online

    Forty years of incredible programming from Ontario's public broadcaster now viewable on the Web

  3. The destruction of Citytv

    The TV station that redefined what television could be is a faded shadow of its former potential

  4. CBC News (digital) redesigns

    Updated site features more breaking news and now includes a iOS app

  5. The Vancouver License

    When it comes to licensing open government data, the current standard falls short

  6. Tools for online journalism

    Mozilla has been doing some good work supporting the development of open-source news tools

  7. Newspapers' augmented reality

    USA Today is using Microsoft Tags to tie the paper to digital content that can be easily updated

  8. Scale & Rhythm

    Online tool and essay on setting type nicely online

  9. A year (almost) in photos

    Surprising what a daily photos reveal in hindsight

  10. IE9 developers guide

    The updated notes for the first release candidate latest (and very good) browser

  11. CBC Radio 3 archive

    The CBC's groundbreaking, Flash-based online magazine could teach the iPad mag-apps some lessons

  12. Making data maps from SVG

    Practical piece by a former co-worker on creating cross-platform inforgraphics using svgweb

  13. TreesaverJS

    The JavaScript framework for creating standards-friendly magazine-style layouts has been open-sourced

  14. Mozilla-Knight journalism partnership

    The potential this partnership has to accelerate the development of online journalism is huge

  15. The new Gawker

    The anticipated redesign expands on the thinking of msnbc.com and Twitter.com redesigns

  16. TV templates

    Build a website optimized for couch surfing, thanks to Google's new templates

  17. Looking back at Salon and Slate

    Like The Daily, when the webzines launched there were no conventions; they learned and survived, tho

  18. CBC's plan thru to 2015

    The Mother Corp. plans to double its investment in digital services to reach "everyone, every way"

  19. Web browser thru history

    Nice visualization of inconsistent progress marking browser development during the past 15 years

  20. Postmedia's digital board

    Interesting...the newspaper chain hires some brand-names to provide it with digital guidance

  21. The Daily staff

    Some digging around has revealed the journalists and the beats at the new iPad newspaper, The Daily

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