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Some Typography Posts.

  1. DIY dingbats

    Build your own custom web typeface using from 650 icons for a reasonable cost

  2. Modern Pictograms

    Another dingbat typeface designed for the web's visual vocabulary circa 2012

  3. Web Symbols typeface

    Free collection of nicely designed dingbats for today's web

  4. Relative digital type size

    Ethan Marcotte makes a potentially deeply technical web design topic accessible and educational 

  5. Future comes to the web

    Typekit unveils a web licence for the most modern of all type families

  6. Scale & Rhythm

    Online tool and essay on setting type nicely online

  7. Lettering.js

    I kern has this?

  8. Origins of the alphabet

    Stunningly designed and well-researched narrative on the origins of the Latin alphabet

  9. Chinese movable type

    An overview of how movable type was used commercially up until the past few decades

  10. optimizeLegibility extension

    Jim Ray creates a simple Safari extension to improve how type is rendered on page

  11. Proportional leading, fluid line length

    Using msnbc.com's new design to talk about a way to improve typography

  12. Notes on typography

    Seventy years ago, Vanity Fair announced it has toned down its experiment with Modernism

  13. Hyphenation online

    A seemingly easy way to justify, and nicely hyphenate, text online

  14. The last typewriter repairmen

    Photo essay on about a waning trade, some good lessons to be found in the index typewriter, too

  15. Typeface

    Overview of an interesting documentary about the Hamilton wood type factory and the legacy of letterpress

  16. font-face rendering

    Nice flow chart showing how and why different browsers and operating systems display type

  17. Typekit releases its type loader

    Now any site can deliver custom fonts to its audience using the same fallback techniques as Typekit

  18. Google does Web fonts

    Google introduces a new API to embed a narrow selection of Web-friendly fonts

  19. Typekit design gallery

    Collection of sites showcasing type-heavy design using Typekit's fonts

  20. The New Typography

    MoMA's online collection of for its exhibit on the groundbreaking information design movement

  21. Where Microsoft beats Apple

    Joe Clark aims his immeasurable knowledge of type straight at the company loved by designers

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