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Some Language Posts.

  1. Origins of the alphabet

    Stunningly designed and well-researched narrative on the origins of the Latin alphabet

  2. Typical American expressions

    As defined by the U.S. military's own training branch

  3. "Turtle storm"

    Hnady new term for sluggish and slow moving days; also works for boring meetings

  4. Best words of the decade

    Picks from the Guardian's Books blog

  5. Sans Seriffee

    Map of the tiny archipelago discovered by English years ago

  6. Canadian Oxford Dictionary: RIP

    The entire staff has been laid-off putting the dictionary's future in grave doubt

  7. Podcast is the word of the year

    No surprise as almost anyone whose anyone is doing it. Bird flu, lifehack, and sudoku were among the runners up.

  8. Choosing the Word of the Year

    A story only a language obsessive could enjoy.

  9. Banished words for 2005

    Includes election jargon, “blog,” and “safe and effective.”

  10. Dude

    Clive Thompson on dude’s current usage.

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