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Online media matters


December 2009’s Posts.

  1. TMZ.com as the future

    Convincing argument that the gossip site points to the future of news sites

  2. Stop the Presses stops

    Likely the last column by one of the first and best commentators about newspapers and the Internet

  3. The origins of Santa Claus

    Great history on the creation of the icon in the red suit

  4. Best words of the decade

    Picks from the Guardian's Books blog

  5. Five years of infosthetics

    Great use of elastics lists to create a interactive archive

  6. Trained toasters

    Advertising cutting edge technology circa 1936

  7. Portraits of world leaders

    The New Yorker has a stunning set of portraits taken by Platon

  8. Accessible Web video

    For a medium that was designed to share scientific papers, the Web does a good job at delivering video to mass audiences. For the past months, msnbc.com has been building an entirely new way to share that video to its audiences.

  9. Recovering from the unrecoverable

    Did you get an unexpected signal 10 from VMFusion that prevented starting a suspended version of Windows? Try this

  10. Reuters redesigns

    Huge new redesign of Reuters.com offers a lot of nice details

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