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Online media matters


Some Advertising Posts.

  1. Responsive ads

    Dissecting the challenges ads present to responsive web design best practices

  2. Exposing the belly fat ads

    The U.S. government claims those ads are part of a scheme to con people of their money

  3. Newspapers fight for ad dollars

    Printed newspapers are allowing more innovative, and intrusive, front-page advertising

  4. How the TTC will be privatized

    Joe Clark looks at the new advertising contract and finds lots for sale

  5. Ads in paid news apps

    Full-pad ads in The Times' iPad app indicates the maturing of online media business has started

  6. Top 1000 sites

    According to Google; crazy that Microsoft properties have 1.1 billion visitors a month on the top 30

  7. Gaining pay walls and losing page views

    Sometimes, it pays to have list people clicking more pages as more online publications are finding.

  8. Google's big test

    Could Google have been analyzing the effectiveness of SuperBowl's TV ads?

  9. The origins of Santa Claus

    Great history on the creation of the icon in the red suit

  10. Trained toasters

    Advertising cutting edge technology circa 1936

  11. Making online premium ads possible

    Scaling a premium experience could bring much value for online publishers

  12. Ready to pay the price

    Advertisers and readers may finally be ready to see the online medium as a place worthy of paying for.

  13. New online ad units

    Remember when I said the banner ad was dead, well, prepare for the new ads

  14. SuperBowl ad showdown

    For many, the real SuperBowl competition is the ads - take a look this years and pick your favourite

  15. Online ads & Web design

    Good overview of both the importance ads play in Web design and the current trends

  16. Creative or invasive?

    Outdoor advertising in Toronto hits the bulls eye...or something

  17. Why ads fail online

    A solid explanation on why traditional advertising models don't work online

  18. Jane's brand timeline

    A clever portrait of a day rendered by the brands (and identifiably Torontonian)

  19. Nielsen improves metrics

    At least in that they now claim to track combined mobile and PC Web use

  20. Levi's retro ads

    Four commercials from the 1970s shows how amazing ads could be

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