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December 2008’s Posts.

  1. Browser 10 bug

    Like Y2K all over again, browser detection software may need an upgrade to support those, like Opera, now in version 10

  2. Sun Media cutting 600 jobs

    Ten percent of its workforce will be gone by year's end

  3. Adding the fourth dimension

    Zoetrope concept demonstrates how to browse the past online in very rich ways

  4. Stephanie Nolen: Out of Africa

    One of Canada's, if not the world's, best foreign correspondents says farewell to the continent she covered for five years

  5. CSS Text Wrapper

    Tool for creating the markup needed to wrap text around an image

  6. Digital Web seeks new direction

    The online magazine that literally changed my life, is now seeking to change itself and wants your thoughts

  7. WCAG 2.0 official

    The contentious second version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is now a recommendation

  8. The beginning of it all

    How you do what you are doing right this instant was inspired by a demo 40 years ago

  9. Adrian Bromley, 1971-2008

    He was one of the first people in the industry I worked with and made those night shifts something to enjoy - 30 -

  10. A Putlizer for online

    The revered journalism prize is final going to be awarded in an online category (although it must be text-based)

  11. Online ads & Web design

    Good overview of both the importance ads play in Web design and the current trends

  12. 20 signs you don’t want that web design project

    An scarily accurate list of warning signs

  13. Microlocal

    EveryBlock replaces the buzzword "hyperlocal" with the more accurate "microlocal"

  14. * o GlobeAuto o Careers o Classifieds o Newspaper Ads o Personals o Real Estate Click here to find out more! Canadians react

    Interactive showing how Canadian premiers and Globe and Mail readers feel about the crisis of confidence in the House of Commons

  15. Green browsing

    The new Web development trend: reduce your site's energy footprint

  16. The Grid System

    A resource for everything related to using grids in design

  17. Agile for design

    How to apply Agile development concepts to Web design

  18. Data cleaner

    A great Web-based tool for those who hate regex and need to normalize data

  19. Summarizing the poitical sentiment

    Discussion about a change in Canadian government grew to 1,200 comments and Mathew Ingram read through them all to find the best ones

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