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Some Personal Posts.

  1. A year (almost) in photos

    Surprising what a daily photos reveal in hindsight

  2. Goodbye Seattle, hello Globe

    Saying goodbye to msnbc.com and Seattle, and returning to Canada after a brief sojourn to Vietnam and Thailand. 

  3. Two years on

    This week, I began my third year in Seattle. Since I’ve written so little about my time I thought I’d use the anniversary as an excuse to fix that situation. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize I’m no travel writer.

  4. Garbage cam

    A garbage can in my former neighbourhood's parkette is now a barometer for the Toronto civic workers' strike

  5. Must read piece on burnout

    Great advice on recognizing and resolving burnout symptoms

  6. Adrian Bromley, 1971-2008

    He was one of the first people in the industry I worked with and made those night shifts something to enjoy - 30 -

  7. Nazaré Snack Bar

    From the Blackout to near blackouts, I'll always love the Communist's Daughter

  8. T-5 Days

    We’ve done the holiday tours, and the packers are here now, boxing up the last remnants of our stuff which will follow us into Seattle a few days after we land on January 2.

  9. T-1 month

    Today marks the first day of our last month in Toronto, the first day we are not working, and the night of our Toronto send-off. It also happens to be snowing in Seattle and freezing in Toronto, alas, at least the loonie’s fallen back to par with the greenback…

  10. Pre-Seattle FAQ

    So as the preparations for Seattle get underway, and we pack in the visits with friends, a few common questions are emerging. What better way to address the most common ones than a trusty old FAQ.

  11. Smells like Seattle

    Almost exactly five months ago , I started my first major foray into the world of self-employment and began working with a series of exceptional clients to develop web applications and advise about online strategy. The quality, and quantity, of work surprised me, and I savoured every moment of it.

  12. Changing things up

    Just a quick post to let you know about some changes that have happened and will be happening.

  13. Sunny Vancouver

    Right now, I’m wearing in a (Digg) t-shirt, on a sun-soaked patio at the corner of Robson and Bute in Vancouver. The incredible Web Directions North conference is over, the skiing in Whistler (for me) is done, and now I have the next nine-hours to explore the city before returning (on a red-eye) to icy, cold Toronto.

  14. Switch

    I bought a Mac.

  15. Gummo’s down

    To make up for some overtime, I decided to take a few days off to both escape work and to continue developing the new version of this site. Late this afternoon, though, I was stunned when I heard about a co-worker’s departure. For the past four-and-half years, through boom and bust, we’d worked side-by-side — in fact, I’ve never worked with anyone else that closely for that long. This was the person who first showed me how the sites function and later became one of the few colleagues I’d share a drink with. But now, when I return to work on Monday, the chair beside me will sit empty.

  16. Nonsensical note

    Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t; either way, let it go

  17. Remember “Generation X”?

    I wonder what would have happened to those of us in “Generation X” had the Web not taken off? Looking back at CBC’s early coverage of us starting more than ten years ago, things did look pretty bleak. But around that time, the Web emerged. Many of us found work in the dot-com sector, and the shake-up created by the “new economy” leveled the playing field a bit. We shaped this medium, like the the baby boomers did with television, and in many ways the values of the Web are a reflection of our own ideals

  18. April Fool’s snow; Toronto myth-conceptions

    Nothing more frustrating than seeing a mistake, having the fix ready, but not being able to implement it.

  19. All quiet on the Bell Globemedia front

    Layoffs at Bell Globemedia—s former interactive unit stir up old memories

  20. Synchronicity

    Sometimes coincidences happen at such a perfect moment, it’s as they share a connecting principle.

  21. It’s a Monday…

    Today is definitely a Monday. Want proof?

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