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Online media matters


May 4, 2004’s Posts.

  1. WebStandards.TO May meet

    WebStandards.TO meets tonight at the Rhino in a symbolic effort to embrace Flash (the Rhino is home to Toronto’s Flash developers group); come by after 7 p.m

  2. Newsworld Gore’d

    As speculated, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has bought Newsworld, the international network once owned by the CBC. Although the Mother Corp. will continue to provide the content, the purchase continues the politicalization of the American broadcast media. Like the country itself, it seems the U.S. media is splitting along so-called left and right lines (or liberal-conservative, or Democratic-Republican) with the common ground held, surprisingly, by the Big Three plus CNN

  3. Nielsen’s visited links

    Guru Nielsen has already received well-argued flak over his latest column on visited-link colours, but don’t dismiss it outright; there’s a kernel of truth to be found there. Normal users do rely on links changing state once visited, especially in non-navigational elements (such as the content of a page) — I’ve seen the email to prove it

  4. Nonsensical note

    Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t; either way, let it go

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