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June 2007’s Posts.

  1. Pownce!

    From some smart minds comes a very killer Web app.

  2. Mossberg & Pogue: iPhone not hype

    The two big American tech reviewers praise the iPhone (which passed the typing test) criticizing only the AT&T network

  3. Visual vocabulary for IA

    Includes templates for Visio, OmniGraffle, and OpenOffice

  4. Superhero entrepreneur trading

    Sunir Shah turns profiles of young Canadian tech entrepreneurs into a trading cards series

  5. CSS 3 features in Safari 3

    Some demos and explanation about which CSS3 features Safari supports (apparently, 2x as many as Firefox)

  6. WebKit does Firebug

    There's a new Web Inspector in the nightly builds of WebKit (Safari) that functions a lot like Firebug -- worth a look.

  7. Opera Mini 4 beta

    Mobile browser offers some impressive features, and can be installed on any mobile device

  8. IPhone browser specs

    Details for building iPhone-friendly Web pages say width is 480px; Web standards are best; and it's QuickTime, not Flash

  9. IPod-friendly NOW restaurant guide

    Ryan Feely and Jakub Labath created a portable version of Toronto restaurant reviews.

  10. Mark Bowden on journalism

    Journalists and author of "Black Hawk Down" offers some good ideas on where he thinks journalism should be going.

  11. CBC.ca undergoes massive redesign

    New site is cleaner, with lots of whitespace and a good effort to bring its disparate parts together.

  12. Facing EnergizeIT

    I thought I missed this event, but then I saw David Crow's presentation slides and to the right of WR is...

  13. Introducing WEDJE

    Or, “Widget Enabled DOM Javascript Embedding” for embedding little apps on third-party sites

  14. No iPhone for Canada yet

    Rogers and Apple seem to be in no rush to bring the latter's mobile device to Canada

  15. Why the iPhone will be expensive in Canada

    Dave Shea nails the problem with Web apps on mobile devices in Canada

  16. Joe Clark's presentation advice

    A number of great tips from a very experienced presenter.

  17. HTML Entity Character Lookup

    Web app and Dashboard widget for suggesting the right entity code based on the character inputted.

  18. Differences between HTML4 and HTML5

    Anne van Kesteren has created a draft list of the differences to be found in the new HTML proposal.

  19. Changing things up

    Just a quick post to let you know about some changes that have happened and will be happening.

  20. How to introduce new designs

    Jared Spool loves how Yahoo Finance encouraged its users to try its new charting services.

  21. Collection X

    AGO's online art gallery that encourages user submissions and social networking.

  22. Explode the homepage

    Jeff Jarvis on how to radically reinvent the news sites homepage.

  23. Realtime tracking of Dublin trains

    A Google Map mashup tracking Ireland's DART rail service

  24. ...Joe Clark retires

    The Web accessibility expert is done being an expert. We all owe Joe more than we will ever acknowledge.

  25. WCAG Samurai Errata published...

    The proposal is to be finalized in the coming weeks and uses WCAG 1.0 as a foundation.

  26. How to do local right

    Simon Willison explains how to make local news profitable.

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