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February 2003’s Posts.

  1. CSS rollovers; DOM’s range

    For a while, I was planning on implementing a type of pure CSS rollover in way similar to Holovaty.com has. In the end, I didn’t do it for much the same reasons his readers are commenting about: the jumpy text. Nevertheless, I’m glad Adrian did follow through, if only to get responses to a usability issue I only speculated about.

  2. Granted a stay

    Going, going…staying, although I’m now an employee with The Globe and Mail — as are all those I work directly with. Our V.P. did some incredible lobbying on our behalf

  3. Mozilla is five; a newspaper’s relationship with it’s Web site

    Update: Kirk Franklin wrote to say moreCrayons now gets along with Mozilla completely, and it does. Go bookmark this great little resource.

  4. Guide to handheld style and a tutorial on CSS

    The last couple of times I’ve gotten together with former co-workers at the Jersey Giant, the bar seems to be giving away free beer and related tchotchkes. Last time it was Guinness, this time, though, it was Canadian. Nevertheless, I did manage to have a good time.

  5. Reuters layoffs, Shift folds, Salon sinks, but the BBC redesigns

    Reuters cuts 3,000 jobs. Damn.

  6. NewsQuakes

    NewsQuakes has a cool little news interface using an interesting visual metaphor. Concentric circles, that indicate news headlines, are basically situated over the country the story is based out of. As it exists now, there are number of shortcomings (circles overlap and spill over geographic boundaries) but the possibilities are intriguing

  7. February 15, 2003

    A little over a year after this template started getting some public attention, I’m tweaking it ever so slightly. Before “officially” releasing it, I’d like to get it tested. Please report any problems (including the browser and operating system). Thanks

  8. Tweaking the layout; Stop the War

    A little over a year after my template started getting some public attention, I’m tweaking it ever so slightly. The changes are very minor, but before I “officially” release it, I’d like to ask you to test it out. Please report any problems to me (including the browser and operating system). Thanks in advance.

  9. The Globe and Mail redesigns; WaSP changes the guard

    The Globe and Mail has finally unveiled it’s redesign — a jello site, using XHTML and CSS (with tables) — that doesn’t come close to validating that they are working hard to make validate. The predominant feature: grey. But it is faster loading, and the design and underlying code is much cleaner. More in-depth comment will likely follow my first cursory glance.

  10. Lay-offs; list of three column layouts; Color Blender; DevEdge redesigns

    Yesterday, a lot of good people lost their jobs (my own fate is still up in the air). It was, as one would suspect, a far from pleasant experience.

  11. All quiet on the Bell Globemedia front

    Layoffs at Bell Globemedia—s former interactive unit stir up old memories

  12. Déjà vu; moreCrayons; jwz on CSS

    Things at work are still operating in a post-takeover (because, in essence, that’s what it is) haze. Rumours drift through the office, but no confirmations of anything. Although the circumstances are quite different, I have a lingering sense of déjà vu.

  13. BCE ends convergence

    Convergence, for BCE, is dead. Today BCE essentially announced the end of Bell Globemedia in anticipation of a future sell-off. Sympatico.ca goes back to BCE; The Globe and Mail (and its affiliated Web sites) will go one way; and CTV and its related sites will go the other.

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