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June 2002’s Posts.

  1. July 1st; Salon, CNET bleeding

    Going into a long weekend here in Canada (despite May 24, I still consider the July 1st weekend the first long weekend of the summer — as it official is) and I’m awaiting my shipment of an “employee”-discounted copy of Windows XP.

  2. Black doesn’t back CanWest; G8

  3. Maclean’s redesign; Amazon.ca arrives

    The Maclean’s redesign is gorgeous. Not only does it seem to have a strong editorial sense of itself — which feels like a return to its prime days in the ’60s — but visually its a crisp, easy to read design thanks in a large part to Ross Macdonald’s body typeface, “Maclean’s Text,” the first designed for a Canadian magazines.

  4. Timothy Findley is dead; CanWest damage control

    Timothy Findley is dead. He was 71.

  5. Mills fallout

    Because the firing of Russell Mills story is malleable enough to suit a range of topics, you may notice this blog bend away from Web building and Web journalism issues for a bit — but I have no plans to turn this into the press freedom (or whatever) equivalent of a warblog.

  6. Russell Mills explains; Webby winners

    Russell Mills publicly explains, in today’s Globe, what happened — which includes allegation CanWest was willing to pay him off for his silence on the issue.

  7. June 18, 2002

    Updated the option menus so that they now close when you click anywhere on the browser canvas. And, in Gecko-based browsers, the Tools menu now has an option to fix/unfix the navigation menu so it can scroll with the page

  8. No Mozilla AOL; Russell Mills was fired

    AOL 8.0 beta is being tested and IE, not Mozilla, is the default browser.

  9. It’s a Monday…

    Today is definitely a Monday. Want proof?

  10. June 14, 2002

    Added some more entries to the Web Building Tips

  11. Blocking AOL

    Let the shouting match come north.

  12. Accessibility problems with the Post

    The National Post redesign has been unveiled, and although looking clean and crisp it’s an accessibility nightmare.

  13. Email etiquette; CSS outliner menu

    Scott Andrew LePera wishes Netscape 4.x a happy birthday.

  14. Mozilla; WaSP returns; writing for the Web

  15. The WaSP’s new target

    With the browsers behaving, the WaSP tries to change the developers behaviour.

  16. Yahoo’s new look

    Yahoo, arguably the site that invented the portal model, will be unleashing a new homepage later this month. Though the changes are minor, they do include plans for more advertising—which represents the losing struggle between the old-school belief in speed with the market-driven desires for profits.

  17. Mafiaboy; journalism: awards and blogs

    Mafiaboy successful brought down some major sites in 1999, and the National Post has a book excerpt about the 14-year-old Montrealer’s exploits.

  18. More Mozilla

    Scott Andrew LePera goes Mozilla mad, and points to some cool Mozilla-related resources, including:

  19. June 5, 2002

    Overcame some obstacles (which included some hope jumping) and managed to indicate how many comments have been made about a Living Can Kill You entry. Though not ideal, it’s a decent enough hack. Also added the Special Characters Converter to the “Links” area of the homepage.

  20. Banner ads; Mozilla 1.0 arrives

    Somewhere, out there, there’s a group of people responsible for defining the size of ads that appear on Web pages. But that space doesn’t always have to be filled by a commercial message, it could display art. That’s the idea behind the Banner Art Collective.

  21. June 24, 2002

    Fixed some minor aesthetic problems in the option menus as displayed by the Windows version of Internet Explorer 5.x

  22. New job, new economy

    Settling into the new job and running into some old faces and putting faces to people I’d only known as names.

  23. Muppet Manley

    Nearly, four years ago I participated in my first real media scrum while covering a story for CANOE Money. Bill Gates, and a then Beaker-like John Manley were announcing a $1-million donation to Canada’s SchoolNet.

  24. A new Post and an Amazon for Canada

    This from the National Post on June 11 the online version of the paper will unveil its new look by “jazzing up the National Post Online interface, adding new features and tinkering with the technical innards of the site” according to a message from National Post Online producer, Mitch Cooper. Good that the site is letting it’s readers know what’s happening with the site.

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