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Smells Like Seattle

Goodbye Seattle, hello Globe

About , I resigned my position with msnbc.com — one of the world's most innovative online news companies (as the ONA’s rightfully acknowledged last night) — and said goodbye to both Seattle and some very good friends.

During the subsequent weeks, I took-up another good friend on his long-standing invite and travelled to Southeast Asia for what became one of my most memorable trips yet. We were lucky enough to be in Hanoi for it’s 1000th birthday, and later in Thailand for one its island’s epic full-moon parties. Vietnam, and Hanoi in particular, defy expectations and descriptions and offered a welcome relief to contemporary North American life.

, I returned to that life, and Canada, to live in Toronto once more.

, I’m pleased to begin working once again at Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. During my years away, I’ve watched with admiration as the company redefines what it is to be a newspaper. From its dramatic print redesign to its industry-leading digital efforts, the Globe continues to demonstrate the importance of delivering real journalism to an informed audience. To be a part of these efforts, and work with the company’s talented staff, is a true privilege.

Over the coming months, expect more details about my work at the Globe, in the meantime, though, there’s always my Twitter feed.