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Living Can Kill You

A year (almost) in photos

Three-hundred and seventy-five days ago, I took a picture. It was to be the first in what was a planned to be a photo-a-day, documenting a year that had me settling into my life in Seattle and travelling to new countries.

That plan didn’t quite work.

With only 224 photos posted to Momentile, nearly four months of the year went undocumented in that set. And while I did travel (throughout the western U.S., and to Southeast Asia), I also ended-up moving from Seattle to Toronto.

(Unfortunately, many of the photos were badly been distorted when Momentile updated its service — often, the thumbnails show a better view)

Nevertheless, the result is, for me, a surprising reflective photo narrative of my thoughts.

Most of the photos in the first third are me pushing myself to discover new ways to look at familiar situations (usually taken during my walk to and from the bus to work).

September and October becomes sporadic as I tried to capture what I knew would be unrepeated moments — saying goodbye to my life in Seattle and encountering Asia for the first time.

November onwards is even more inconsistent — the pictures show an attempt to bootstrap my mind into remembering and recognizing the once familiar sites of Toronto, and Canada, in the fall and winter.

Will be interesting to see what the 12 months reveal (you can follow along with Momentile or using Instagram).