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Some Movies Posts.

  1. Nothing queued, Netflix

    Canada feeds of American culture — the history of Canadian media can be read, in part, as a nationalistic defence against American influence (which in turn can be explained by the events 199 years ago). In the digital age however, with geo-fencing thriving, access to Hollywood is being limited in the Great White North. No Pandora. No Hulu. And until recently, no Netflix. As a recent American resident, I became a immediate Netflix junkie. In less than three years, I watched more than 500 movies (and rated another 2,020 and had 3,573 suggestions). There were nearly 400 more in my DVD and Instant Viewing queue. My move back to Canada coincided, coincidentally, with Netflix unveiling a Canadian streaming-only service. And the results have suggested it is struggling to understand their customer base. Laying aside an unnecessarily astroturfed launch, there is no way to import U.S. account history into a Canadian account. This despite the fact many Canadians retain U.S. residency for part of the year and others pretend to do so. More bizarrely, there is no way to queue movies.Each time a Canadian wants to view a movie on Netflix, he needs to search for it and hit play — and that is a powerful disincentive. In the U.S., my curated list of movies was the reason I returned to the site. That queue made it so easy to find those movies I'd discovered by using Netflix. In turn, it was the reason I renewed my service month in and month out.Netflix allegedly thinks queuing isn’ for streaming movies. The lack of the feature in Canada suggests similar changes may be coming to the U.S. as well. (Already, the add to DVD queue functionality was removed from the connected devices on the U.S. service.)For a company famous for iterative improvements to its user experience, I still am having a hard-time understanding the business justification for removing a tool that justified for customers a reason to keeping watching movies

  2. Urbanized

    Gary Hustwit's new film builds on Helvetica and Objectified to look at the design of cities

  3. Goodbye Maury Chaykin

    One of my favourite character actors to watch onscreen died on his 61st birthday

  4. RIP Tracy Wright

    One of the most interesting actors in Canadian film, television, in theatre is now gone

  5. The summer of the city

    Toronto reveals its true face in a trio of movies released in 2010

  6. Movies and graphic design

    Seattle’s ByDesign series features films by Charles and Ray Eames and some of the best designed title sequences

  7. PBS Objectified

    The Independent Lens series airs an abbreviated version of the industrial design documentary on Nov. 24

  8. This Movie is Broken

    If you're in Toronto this July, help Broken Social Scene and Bruce McDonald make a movie

  9. Lebowski Fest Seattle

    July 20: an outdoor screening of the movie; July 21: bowling

  10. Vanishing movie ads

    Once big spenders, movie promotions in newspapers are becoming rarer

  11. Fostering creativity

    Pixar founder writes an insightful (and long) article on Pixar's secret sauce

  12. Canadianizing film posters

    Some very clever cultural plays in the Canadian Film Festival posters

  13. Movie domain names

    Being both an Internet and a movie geek lets you create a entertaining review site

  14. Real 3-D holographic displays

    Appropriately demonstrated using a Star Wars spacecraft

  15. Eric's Trip: the movie

    A low-fi documentary about the low-fi pioneers filmed by band member Rick White

  16. Canada finally gets movie downloads

    Bell Canada has stuck a deal that lets Canadians rent movies online for too much money

  17. Infographic: box office

    NYTimes.com demonstrates the ebb and flow of movie revenue.

  18. Reconsidering Star Wars in light of the prequels

    You know what, even if it is retcon, it makes a lot of sense.

  19. Readers review TIFF films

    The Globe and Mail is letting readers submit their reviews of films in the Toronto International Film Festival.

  20. Grocery Store Wars

    Learn the ways of the Farm from Obi-Wan Cannoli.

  21. Now even less choice of movie theatres!

    Cineplex is buying up the Famous Players movie theatres — can you spell monopoly?

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