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January 2007’s Posts.

  1. Adding sound via JavaScript

    Clever test to embed audio files using only JavaScript

  2. TTC: the better Web way

    Smart people often seen at the BarCamp events put together the best proposal yet for a new TTC.ca

  3. .htaccess tutorial

    One of the best on this arcane, but powerful area I've found.

  4. BBC's 15 Web principles

    If everyone followed these (with possible exception of 14), the Web would be much better.

  5. Wired changes logo

    The Wired flag run in the magazine and online for years, has been tweaked and "improved"

  6. TagMaps mapping in TO

    Clever new Web app from Yahoo using Flickr tags to picture a mapped location.

  7. Thirty years of newspaper revenues

    StatsCan has released a free report analyzing the revenue of flow of newspapers in Canada since

  8. CBC to Canadian indie music fans: pay to listen

    Ironically, CBC Radio 3 and Brave New Waves pushed to the for-pay satellite service in effort to attract younger listeners to Radio 2.

  9. Megabins trashed

    Toronto will be saved from the hideous mega garbage bins as they get pulled from the streets in the coming weeks.

  10. Inside the Gladstone

    The Gladstone Hotel had an open-house to showcase its renovated interior and artist-created rooms.

  11. Artist displacing condos approved

    The Ontario Municipal Board has approved the (West Queen West) soul-destroying condos in Toronto's artist/gallery strip.

  12. Converting to numeric entities in TextMate

    Neil Lee asks (and learns) how to get TextMate to use HTML numeric entities instead of the named ones.

  13. Findory fading

    Greg Linden puts Findory on autopilot, thereby ending development on the first major personalization news site.

  14. National Post's Comment blog

    It's sort of like the Guardian's comment is free, but one that is still getting its legs.

  15. Newspapers missing the long tail

    The CEO of Topix points out how newspapers do a number of reviews, none of which are effectively exposed to the public.

  16. CBC and Web history

    CBC’s RealTime was the first Canadian entertainment show streamed over the Internet (coincidentally, using the RealAudio network)

  17. Multi-column support coming to Safari

    The latest WebKit build now supports CSS3's multi-column properties.

  18. Type takes on Indigo

    The Globe and Mail profiles one of West Queen West's best little bookstore.

  19. Reconsidering Star Wars in light of the prequels

    You know what, even if it is retcon, it makes a lot of sense.

  20. Washington Post hosts local bloggers

    Invited local bloggers to discuss ideas for creating a network to host neighbourhood specific content.

  21. IE Developer Toolbar getting better

    The beta 3 offers better ability to isolate style rules and smarter source view.

  22. CBC.ca GMaps the world's wars

    Simple and effective Google Map created by CBC.ca of the world's top 15 conflicts

  23. Firefox sidebar on the right

    Move the noise of the bookmark/history/Sage reader sidebar from the left to the right of the browsing window.

  24. Transit route-planning in Toronto

    Google Maps mashup shows the best way to get around the city using rail/subway routes.

  25. iPhone may become my phone

    This could be the device that finally pulls my into the mobile world.

  26. Markup as craft

    Digital Web Magazine is running an article that outlines how to make your HTML the best it can be

  27. Examples of 1% participation

    Luke Wroblewski collects some examples where a small group of Web users makes most of the content.

  28. Daylife: a new news aggregator

    The design, experience, and feel of this new site feels nothing like traditional news aggregators and that's very good.

  29. BubbleShare sold for $3M

    Albert Lai's done it again -- sold a great service for some nice cash.

  30. Fixing TTC.ca

    Possible one of Canada’s worst sites with the most potential is Toronto’s public transit system’s site. Much derided by transit fans, Web geeks, and regular users it is a usability nightmare. But there’s a new chairman — Adam Giambrone — and it looks like he’s open to suggestions on how to improve the site. So four of Toronto’s city blogs — BlogTO, Reading Toronto, Torontoist, and SpacingWire — are collecting ideas.

  31. Improve the TTC's Web site

    The big Toronto blogs are collecting suggestions for improvements to the horrible Web site for the city's transit system.

  32. Today in CBC history

    Tod Maffin uses Google's spreadsheets to create a calendar of historical CBC events

  33. The Toronto transit map

    Hands-down, the best map of city-wide transit anywhere.

  34. New buzzphrase: implicit Web

    Could it be that "Web 3.0" is the implicit Web? There's a good argument to be made.

  35. BBC vs. what we want

    A simple comparison of BBC's top stories and the most read ones.

  36. WSJ.com's new markets data center

    Customizable, Ajax-y, and packed with good data.

  37. Unboxing the WSJ

    A Wall Street Journal reader dissects the new design in a video done in the spirit of the unboxing videos.

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