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June 2005’s Posts.

  1. Does sIFR enable piracy?

    Jonathan Snook launches FONTSMACK only to realize distributing fonts in Flash for sIFR may be illegal, and mean sIFR users are violating their font licences, too.

  2. Internet Explorer hasLayout

    Ingo Chao (whose site is simple, and elegant) has dissected the cause of many of IE’s layout problems.

  3. Where (or where not) to buy marijuana in Chicago

    ChicagoCrimes shows a disturbing concentration of arrests around, ironically, Humbolt Park.

  4. The Art and Science of Web Design @ 5

    Veen’s second book, which outlined today’s Web design philisophy when tables and font tags ruled the Web, is now available as free download.

  5. Karla Holomoka’s letters

    The Globe and Mail has published Stephen Williams’ correspondence with the killer — the cuteness her letters is macabrely ironic.

  6. Topix comes to Canada

    The news aggregator entry into Canada should make some media companies worried.

  7. Bad brand brings broken band

    Broken Social Scene play Dundas Square courtesy of Toronto Unlimited.

  8. Nvu 1.0

    The Gecko-based Web design program (based on the old Mozilla Composer) has officially hit the 1.0 release and is available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

  9. Syntax highlighter

    Dean Edwards (again) releases his very borad syntax highlighter for code examples on Web pages.

  10. Packer packs JavaScript

    Dean Edwards has a pretty efficient JavaScript compressor available at his site.

  11. Great writing in Steven Johnson profile

    Written in the second person (difficult to pull off) the intro sucks you into an enagaging profile review of the author and his work.

  12. Getting rid of the QuickTime pop-up

    From a Slashdotter comes a helpful tip for a big pet peeve.

  13. TO Unlimited? Try TO Ugly

    The new brandmark for Toronto is unbelievably awful.

  14. Wikinvestigative journalism

    Sure, the wikitorial failed by using a wiki to collabratively do the grunt work of investigative journalism could be interesting.

  15. Every New Yorker published, coming to DVD

    Eight DVDs containing searchable electronic reporductions of every New Yorker from February 1925 to February 2005 will be available in September.

  16. TSN.ca does RSS

    Not sure when they launched it, but its one of the few Canadian mainstream media properties to have RSS.

  17. TSN.ca embraces Web standards

    Worthy of praise even were it not for my rant a few weeks back!

  18. Those eyes…

    How that iconic photo of murdrer Karla Holmoka came to pass.

  19. Rick Mercer’s Blog

    If you know the name, visit, elsewise you probably won’t get it.

  20. Grocery Store Wars

    Learn the ways of the Farm from Obi-Wan Cannoli.

  21. Why the wikitorial failed

    Clive Thompson nailss the reason why the L.A. Times wikitorial experiment failed.

  22. Ben Kerr dead at 75

    The Toronto busking legend and perennial mayoral candidate has died — and just a few days ago I was wondering how much longer he would be around.

  23. Yawn…Live 8 in Barrie

    Will I be rushing to see Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Great Big Sea, Tom Cochrane, and Motley Crue in Molson Park on Canada Day weekend? No.

  24. microformats.org

    Your one-stop shop for microformat specifications (including such hits as XFN and hCard).

  25. Writing efficient JavaScript

    Although targetted for those writing Greasemonkey-like scripts, it has some good tips for normal scripts.

  26. Questioning the satellite radio ruling

    Sure for CHUM it may be sour grapes, but the point about a lack of exposure to Canadian music rings true.

  27. Pumping up the praise

    Canada is without a feedback loop when it comes to online developments and this is an attempt to adjust that.

  28. Now even less choice of movie theatres!

    Cineplex is buying up the Famous Players movie theatres — can you spell monopoly?

  29. Rico: an open-source Ajax library

    Seems to cover a lot of items designers and developers are starting to need.

  30. Publishers to sell books online

    Smart move to service a need, but booksellers shouldn’t fear.

  31. Universal Child Selector

    Eric A. Meyer explains a child selector-type rule that works in Internet Explorer

  32. Lovin’ Loverboy

    A fan makes a tribute video to the greatest rawk song ever!

  33. CBC.ca to run ads

    Should be interesting to see how that goes over with its audience.

  34. Podcasting CBC Radio 3

    Well, although I’d like to take the claim for it, it likely has more to do with the podcasting being the meme-of-the-moment: CBC has unveiled a CBC Radio 3 podcast.

  35. The not-so National Post

    The National Post will no longer be delivering printed newspapers to the Rock, only those horrible “e-paper“ ones.

  36. Webby winners

    The New York Times covers the Webby winners for 2005.

  37. Base64 images for Internet Explorer

    Dean Edwards comes up for a client side solution to yet another Internet Explorer bug.

  38. Are they selling me?

    Eric Reguly thinks BCE is ready to sell the company I work for, Bell Globemedia.

  39. Jonathan Dube joins CBC.ca

    This is a big coup for the Mother Corp. and should help to reinvigorate the online journalism game in Canada.

  40. Mac OS X already Intel-compatible

    Blimey, that's quite clever. Surprised no one found out Apple’s Mac OS X could run on Intel since day one.

  41. Pedals and paint

    Colourizing Toronto’s abandoned bikes.

  42. Next steps for JavaScript

    Web-Graphics surveys what the future holds for JavaScript.

  43. Becoming Deep Throat

    Bob Woodward explains how Mark Felt Became “Deep Throat”

  44. Dot-xxx finally a reality

    ICANN approves a worthwhile top-level domain.

  45. hCard creator

    Tantek has created a quick and easy tool for creating to hCards, and points to an hCalendat and hReview creators.

  46. Vanity Fair drops the online ball

    In its Deep Throat scoop, the magazine forgets about the online-side of things in a very 1998 way.

  47. 2005 Canadian New Media Award winners

    Just in case anyone is interested…

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