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August 2008’s Posts.

  1. Ubiquity in depth

    Examining the interface of "Quicksilver for the browser"

  2. Mad Men Twittering

    Fan-created Twitter accounts were shutdown until AMC realized the accounts actually was great advertising

  3. DIY Bumbershoot schedule

    The Stranger has a simple and clever schedule maker for Seattle's annual music & arts fest

  4. jParallax

    Impressive jQuery plugin for creating a dynamic parallax effect

  5. Fostering creativity

    Pixar founder writes an insightful (and long) article on Pixar's secret sauce

  6. Bullets over Osssington

    My old 'hood (and new hipster central) was the location of a four-car gun battle

  7. Dube leaves CBC for ABC News

    CBC may have been a farm team for Jonathan Dube as he returns to ABC as a Vice President of its new site

  8. Experimental rounded corners

    Based on Snook's example, rounded corners with VML, CSS or SVG

  9. EveryBlock in eight cities

    The hyper-local site is now covering Seattle (and Boston and Washington D.C.)

  10. The Better Way

    TTC's new site has competition from a site build by some people who attended TransitCamp

  11. Holy Fuck!

    Ironically, I never saw the Toronto band name-checked in the title when I lived in that city yet I heard lots about them (and again missed them) when they played a few block away from where I now live in Seattle. The band got rave reviews for their two recent performances and helped raise Toronto and Canada’s reputation amongst the often jaded scenesters in that U.S. city. Not good enough for the government of Canada who cites Holy Fuck as a reason for cutting funding to Canadian artists.

  12. How to cover breaking news

    Good analysis of how Toronto's media online covered an explosive news story

  13. 08/08/08

    The crazy 8s

  14. jMetronome

    A script that helps a page maintain its typographic rhythm

  15. Flick navigation on the iPhone

    Some very simple CSS can create the flick navigation in Safari on the iPhone

  16. Creating great search results

    Advice on making a search result do what it needs to do

  17. Box office for 2008 visualized

    Similar chart as seen in NYTimes infographic, but this is interactive and in HTML

  18. Implementing canvas

    There looks to be a simple way to get the CANVAS element to work on Internet Explorer allowing for a lot more interesting design effects

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