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Living Can Kill You

Holy Fuck!

Ironically, I never saw the Toronto band name-checked in the title when I lived in that city yet I heard lots about them (and again missed them) when they played a few block away from where I now live in Seattle. The band got rave reviews for their two recent performances and helped raise Toronto and Canada’s reputation amongst the often jaded scenesters in that U.S. city. Not good enough for the government of Canada who cites Holy Fuck as a reason for cutting funding to Canadian artists.

Toronto itself tried to cut another art institution today, but this time it was a tree. After the famous Queen West graffiti tree at Queen West and Peter fell over yesterday, the city was going to turn it into mulch. Thankfully, it was not to be.

That being said, yet another landmark of my Toronto Years (as I think I’ll call them) is not so lucky. The Lakeview Lunch dinner has outlived its post-Cocktail revival. For a few years it was the highlight of Dundas west Bathurst but it quickly declined in direct contrast to the meteoric rise Ossington’s transformation into a the city’s destination strip.