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Online media matters


August 2010’s Posts.

  1. USA Today big change

    Large-scale reorg focuses on digital, as opposed to printed, mobile news distribution

  2. IE9's new look

    The next version of Internet Explorer may launch on September 15th with a minimal interface

  3. Urbanized

    Gary Hustwit's new film builds on Helvetica and Objectified to look at the design of cities

  4. Avoiding the real question

    News analysis ignores the deep bigotry at the core of reporting about a controversial mosque in New York City

  5. The cost of free parking

    Ties to a recent discussion about how much car transportation is subsidized in subtle ways

  6. jQuery Mobile

    The JavaScript gets ported to all major mobile platforms, not just iOS and Android

  7. Treesaver

    Promising HTML/CSS framework inspired by the first version of the NYTimes Reader

  8. Origins of the alphabet

    Stunningly designed and well-researched narrative on the origins of the Latin alphabet

  9. Ads in paid news apps

    Full-pad ads in The Times' iPad app indicates the maturing of online media business has started

  10. Art lives in the suburbs

    Dave Bidini talks about Arcade Fire's new album and the changing views of suburbia

  11. NYTimes licenses its app engine

    Could end-up creating a de facto standard around digital newspaper experiences

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