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May 2010’s Posts.

  1. The OCAD 2010 grad show

    No one does a design review like Joe Clark, and in Canada, no one (else) does reviews of grad shows

  2. Performance of conditional comments

    Seems like using IE's conditional comments might slow page loads in that browser

  3. Top 1000 sites

    According to Google; crazy that Microsoft properties have 1.1 billion visitors a month on the top 30

  4. Wired app a CD-ROM

    Apparently, the app is just a series of very big images leaving one to wonder why not HTML?

  5. Transit etiquette posters

    Pseudo-posters for an imaginary civility campaign on Toronto's transit (so agree with the second)

  6. Newsweek.com redesigns (again)

    This time the site goes the minimal approach, possibly inspired by its Tumblr site

  7. Typeface

    Overview of an interesting documentary about the Hamilton wood type factory and the legacy of letterpress

  8. Mediagazer leaderboard

    Need to stay atop of the media gossip? Here's the top 100 sites to start with

  9. Ignite Seattle 10

    Line-up for the June 14, 2010 edition of the the 5-minute talks in Seattle

  10. Psychology and UX design

    Understanding how the brain, the visual system, memory, and motivation work helps user experience design

  11. Inside The Newsroom

    Business Insider interviews Andrew Golis about his efforts to bring real news reporting to Yahoo News

  12. Ken Whyte takes on another magazine

    Comprehensive analysis about what direction Ken Whyte may be taking Chatelaine

  13. Let there be life

    Officially branded (in its genes) JCVI-syn1.0, this creature - Venter's Frankenbug -- is the first without an ancestor

  14. Dealing with large teams

    Good reminders on leading and working on a project with a dozen or more people

  15. Lessons from working with Web standards, revisited

    Four years later, I look back at some of the lessons learned about designing a news Web site using Web standards to see what still applies.

  16. font-face rendering

    Nice flow chart showing how and why different browsers and operating systems display type

  17. Floppy disks, dead by 30

    Sony announced its stopping production on once ubiquitous storage medium no known as the "save" icon

  18. Sports Illustrated HTML5 app

    Nice, app-like experience built with just the Web stack (note the radial, menu, too)

  19. Typekit releases its type loader

    Now any site can deliver custom fonts to its audience using the same fallback techniques as Typekit

  20. Google does Web fonts

    Google introduces a new API to embed a narrow selection of Web-friendly fonts

  21. The web stack?

    Proposal for a term covering the front-end Web technology people are erroneously refer to as "HTML5"

  22. Chris Thorpe on the Guardian API

    The Guardian’s “developer advocate” talks a bit about the strategy behind a very open API

  23. iPhone app stencils

    Quickly wireframe lower-fidelty concept for iPhone apps with these Illustrator files

  24. The mesh Prize

    The $40,000 prize aims to help encourage innovative risks in the Canadian digital media industry

  25. Typekit design gallery

    Collection of sites showcasing type-heavy design using Typekit's fonts

  26. The New Typography

    MoMA's online collection of for its exhibit on the groundbreaking information design movement

  27. Magazines reborn

    Although mainstream magazines are being shutdown in record numbers, there is a magazine renaissance of sorts is underway. You just might need to lok beyond the newsstand to find it.

  28. The commonplace book

    Steve Johnson delivers another outstanding piece on the presentation of information online

  29. McLuhan going digital

    Excited to hear Scott Boms will be helping publish the first official digital editions of Marshall McLuhan’s work

  30. Design patterns for Android

    Seven patterns for common UI behaviors on Google's mobile platform

  31. Wireframing design ideas

    Using wireframes to sketch can help reduce the define the project requirements sooner

  32. The business of online journalism

    In-depth piece profiling a variety of the new online media outlets

  33. Nielsen on the iPad

    The always conservative usability pundit shares his first findings about the user interface of iPad apps

  34. msnbc.com does the iPhone

    Vu Nguyen writes about the design thinking behind msnbc.com's new iPhone-optimized site

  35. Bono and Geldof: editors?

    The rock legends are guest editing The Globe and Mail's special Africa issue in advance of the G8/G20 summit

  36. Should online journalism abandon Flash?

    Although HTML 5 is a viable option in some cases, it's naive to expect Flash to be totally replaced

  37. Scribd in HTML5

    Impressive demo could help improve discoverability and accessibility of uploaded documents

  38. No protection for confidential sources

    Supreme Court of Canada says journalists can't promise to protect the identity of their sources

  39. Reporters barred from Gitmo trial

    For three major Canadian news organizations, covering the trial of Omar Khadr just became that much harder

  40. Reporting is alive and well

    Even if it's used to track down the identity of the person who found the new iPhone in a bar

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