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Online media matters


Some Ontario Posts.

  1. TVO archives online

    Forty years of incredible programming from Ontario's public broadcaster now viewable on the Web

  2. The OCAD 2010 grad show

    No one does a design review like Joe Clark, and in Canada, no one (else) does reviews of grad shows

  3. Liquor store API

    Find our what booze is available at the LCBO in JSON

  4. AGO logos over time

    The new one strains my eyes, Bruce Mau did a far better job in 1997

  5. Processing the Ontario election

    Patrick Dinnen builds a compelling visualization of the 2003 election results.

  6. Ontarians: Get your (2007) vote on

    Election day comes to Ontario and the parties are dull, but the referendum on proportional representation offers hope.

  7. Making the popular vote count

    Ontario is holding a referendum on changing its election system to one of the best ways to reflect the popular vote: the mixed-member proportional (MMP) system.

  8. Collection X

    AGO's online art gallery that encourages user submissions and social networking.

  9. Ontario magazines get digital tax credit

    The Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit is available to companies to develop digital extensions of the print versions.

  10. Weisblott blogs again

    For a variety of reasons, not the least of which being I don’t want this to be a marketing blog, I try not to focus too often on my day job. However, when something happens that would warrant an entry were it at another media outlet, I will.

  11. Museum blog killed by marketing

    The ROM's nascent blog was dead on arrival because, rumour has it, the marketing department didn't get it.

  12. Net libel’s global reach

    Media appeal an Ontario court ruling that could threaten free speech and [the] development of the Internet

  13. Ontario stops censoring movies

    Next year, the Ontario Film Review Board will likely lose its powers to censor film in the province.

  14. Coulter on Carlson elucidate on Canada

    The pundits of conservative America demonstarte their skills.

  15. Election day in Ontario

    It’s election day here in the fine province of Ontario; if you are a resident, please get out and vote. Maybe, just maybe, the new government won’t be as callous as the last.

  16. Get a newsfeed to validate; low-fi reading; libel online

    The database genius also known as Rudy writes about his experiences in trying to get a news feed from ITToolbox.com working on his site and having it still validate. Anyone who has tried to do this on the client-side will recognize some of the hurdles he encounters. Oh, and his final suggestion…take it with a grain of salt. ;)

  17. Strike’s done

    After 54 days, its over. Fifty-four days. This has not been something I would like to repeat anytime soon.

  18. Impossible tuitions

    Almost six years ago to the day, I was part of a protest that saw hundreds of students storm the Ontario Legislative Assembly. Thousands of students had gathered across the country to raise their voices against staggering tuition increases.

  19. Make a change

    What to do with your “Taxpayer Dividend”

  20. Sometimes a Grant Notion

    An investigation on how a merged Toronto could affect the grants the city�s writers will receive. Co-written by Jonathan Blackburn.

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