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Online media matters


March 2005’s Posts.

  1. Canadians watch TV…news

    Drama and sports watching drops, and young people seem to prefer being online rather than watching television.

  2. Browser stickies

    A rough Web mini-application for creating Post-It-like Notes. Some tweaks could make this very useful.

  3. Drag-and-drop sortable lists

    This little JavaScript + CSS demonstration could greatly improve Web applications.

  4. Using CSS columns

    One of the developers Gecko#8217;s implementation explains the ins and outs of columnized layouts.

  5. Interactive graffiti

    Art school-esque experiment “blurs the boundaries of the Web and real life.”

  6. What happened to “way new journalism”

    Ten years on, online journalism hasn’t reached its imagined potential.

  7. Ink-stained wretch swears off newspapers

    An ABC columnists talks about why he doesn’t miss the printed newspaper.

  8. Dallaire, Eggleton senators

    Lt.-Gen. (Ret.) Roméo Dallaire, former T.O. mayor Art Eggleton as well as a few Conservatives become PM²’s first

  9. Canada’s new copyright laws revealed

    From a brief glance, it looks like the act will tone-down a lot of the rhetoric suggested by the Canadian Heritage Standing Committee.

  10. NowPublic tackles citizen journalism

    The spawling site has an idea that seems to difficult to implement.

  11. Firefox 1.0.2 released

    The Firefox browser’s security update is released.

  12. Slashdot going XHTML/CSS?!

    Could it be, the geek news behometh is entering the standards-age?

  13. Speeding up XML

    The W3C considers making a binary XML format.

  14. Thunderbird 1.0.2 released

    This is a minor update, covering security fixes.

  15. Kofi Annan on fighting terrorism

    The Secretary-General of the United Nations explains the five Ds.

  16. Sharing your open-licensed media online

    OurMedia will host open-licensed videos, music, photos, and other rich media content for you.

  17. Flickr goes Yahoo!

    The little Vancity Web app goes bigtime.

  18. Why Micorsoft can⁏t support standards

    Dean Edwards explains that the problem lies within the Trident rendering engine.

  19. A “Candidate Recommendation” is the recommendation

    Hixie explains the changed status of recommendation titles.

  20. CSS 2.1 not part of IE7

    Rumours are flying, but it looks like IE 7 wil lcontinue to eb the only major browser not supporting CSS 2.1.

  21. New typefaces from Microsoft

    Some very nice serif, sans-serif, and monospaced faces to be released in 2006.

  22. The Acid2 Test

    Ensuring IE7 does what it’s supposed to.

  23. Newspapapers stuggle with pay models

    The New York Times has a pretty open anyalysis of the problems facing newspapers in print and online.

  24. SXSW presentation: Emergent Semantics

    Eric A. Meyer expands on the concept behind XFN.

  25. Firefox extension: HTML Validator

    Go now, Web developer, and download this wonderous tool.

  26. Bill Cameron: 1943 – 2005

    CBC Archives remebers was one of my favourite, and most personable anchors.

  27. Microsoft does del.icio.us

    Microsoft developers play some more with a social bookmark manager.

  28. Microsoft does Bloglines

    Microsoft developers play a Web-based RSS reader. Interesting...

  29. A little help from a friend

    Hey Chris, glad to hear your back and looking for advice Hope this helps

  30. Banning postering

    Toronto, bizarrely, is on the way to bar postering in the city.

  31. The Globe and Mail has RSS!

    A year-long lobbying effort has paid off: the Globe has finally launched a pretty decent RSS service.

  32. The Billionaires Club

    Theres more of them and generally, their even richer, Forbes finds.

  33. Mozilla 1.8 will never be

    The Mozilla Suite transition plan will surely ruffle some feathers, but it makes sense (this from a longtime Suite defender).

  34. Slashdot on Net libel⁏s global reach

    Yes, I submitted it (only my second ever story), but hey, it made it to the frontpage — and they slam my grammar!

  35. J-school launches online magazine

    The publication will be a show case for the school’s online-journalists-in-training.

  36. Wikis on journalism skills

    The Online Journalism Review launched a series of wikies targetted to non-professional journalists.

  37. Net libel’s global reach

    Media appeal an Ontario court ruling that could threaten free speech and [the] development of the Internet

  38. Takedown: TO-style

    Toronto cops drive into a knife-welding assailant (Windows Media video).

  39. Netscape 8.0 Beta released

    The franken-browser has its first public beta.

  40. Toronto panorama

    This amazing photograph shows all of Toronto as seen from the top of the CN Tower.

  41. The Pugsly Awards

    Recognizing, with Flash(!), the best and worst of Toronto’s urban landscape.

  42. Bye-bye, Radio 3

    One of the best online magazine has published its last issue today. CBC Radio 3, with a 100 issue run, is being replaced by a plan to mesh the CBC’s various “youth-orientated” together. Read my rant about the plans

  43. Free Radio 3

    CBC is still trying to catch a younger audience, and a full-scale revamp of CBC Radio 3 is underway

  44. Watch Battlestar Galactica online

    The entire, commercial-free first episode is available online.

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