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Online media matters


1997’s Posts.

  1. The death of the World Wide Web

    The mainstream is poised to change the geek's paradise, and its Webzines, forever.

  2. Another redesign?!

    The column introducing one one of the site’s longest designs.

  3. It begins…

    The first of the many, occasional main page rants.

  4. Online newspapers grow up

    Online newspapers finally start scooping their print editions

  5. What's in a link?

    Legal battles strengthen the new media's ethics

  6. Psst...wanna buy a webzine?

    Dealing with over-eager advertisers.

  7. Sometimes a Grant Notion

    An investigation on how a merged Toronto could affect the grants the city�s writers will receive. Co-written by Jonathan Blackburn.

  8. Making a Megacity

    On December 17, 1996, days before the Ontario legislature was

  9. Memorial to Allen Ginsberg

  10. Pushing for You

    The first Bytewriter take on the emerging world of webcasting.

  11. The Bytewriter Begins

    Introducing the Ryerson Review of Journalism Online's new new-media column.

  12. Tele-Hell

    Tethered to the phones, telemarketer's struggle to sell and survive.

  13. Net Newspapers of the Great White North

    The first in-depth analysis of Canadian, broadsheet newspapers' online presence; originally published in the Spring 1997 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

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