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It begins…

Okay, it's been, what, three months since came online. The site's been renovated, it uses dHTML, and I'm a writer and editor in the medium known for now as "new media."

But I figure it's about time to bring some content onto the site that's not simply archived.

"But what about 'The Bytewriter'?" I can hear you say. "There's a new one every…every…umm…well…it's, uh, sort of regularly updated." And yes die heard fans, you're right. It is updated semi-regularly, but I'm talking about something more constant…maybe even—gasp—daily.

So here begins something far from orginal (anyone heard of Suck?). I'll be filling this space with the stuff that comes to mind (probably after checking my email), taking some tips from K.: "Write what you want bottomless bottom of the mind."

Since I've probably already exceeded my first screen o'words, let me just say that the Canadian media doesn't know what they have. There are too many talented and creative people working for these old media outfits doing the new media thing because they believe in it. But these "pillars of the journalism community" seem to act like the new media is still a "cute" idea to further their "marketing" message.

That is, as long as it doesn't cost them too much.

I just found out—an as of yet unrecognized—new media giant, got laid-off from her job at a major magazine's Web site. Why? Because the money the government was giving them to keep her on, ran out. Now, with just two days notice, she finds herself unemployed.

Problem is, no Canadian media outlet is hiring any new media-types to do actual journalism. So it's either AOL's planned Toronto Digital City or America itself.

While I sympathize with the plight of the journalism industry in Canada, and the problems the magazine industry faces with split-runs, they seem to be digging in to protect the present ground while their foe (the American media) is outflanking them and taking the future fields unchallenged.

Even though I only listen to the CBC, watch Canadian news, and read Canadian newspapers, I regularly visit only two Canadian Web sites/e-zines—and one of them I work at.