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Looks like another is needed…

So, I put up a disclaimer a while back saying how I was busy, and this site has been neglected

I said way back then, that I'd been a wee busy of late with Canoe Money and "this poor old site of mine has fallen by the wayside."

Well, the world got a way from me. Next thing I knew Canoe was fighting the largest paper chain in Canada to retain the content we were legally allowed to use.

Then the largest circulation paper in Canada made a hostile takeover bid for the majority owner of Canoe.

Next thing I know, we've been bought by Quebecor, it's Christmas, and I was beginning to push out a much needed overhaul of Canoe's Money section.

I did, however, almost live up my two of my promises ("within the next few weeks there will be fresh new content on the site, and these problems should be pretty much solved").

The display problems plaguing IE 3.x and below, and NN 4.0x and below have been pretty much fixed (if they haven't let me know), and there has been some new content added (in the glossary, a new section devoted to journalism, and now a long overdue feature I did for Masthead on the issue of making money with a webzine).

It's still not in top shape, I know. But it's getting there…