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Not a Google beta

Quite a few of you have sent in feedback politely reminding me that this site is often illegible in Internet Explorer. Others have mentioned that the Twitter updates have been breaking the page as a result of numerous PHP errors. Others have wondered if this will be an eternal beta.

All the comments, have no doubt seemed to have disappeared into a black hole, destined to be unheeded.

Rest assured, they haven’t.

The unfortunate fact is my attention has been focused elsewhere, and is only now starting to return to the bugs I and others have noticed. But I wanted to thank you for your comments and bug reports, and let you know I will be fixing them (the Twitter/PHP error is the first, the Internet Explorer issue may be deferred, though).

With any luck this site will be shape just in time for Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8 to be released — which will no doubt provide me with yet another reason to tinker with things.