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Online media matters


May 7, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Thomson eyes the Globe while Shafer eyes e-editions

    I was going to blog about the Thomson’s renewed interest in The Globe and Mail yesterday along with the other newspaper stories, but rumours of the sale of the paper have been swirling since Mr. Monty left the scene. However, combined with the announcement the sale of BCE’s e-commerce company and the improved financial performance of Bell Globemedia, maybe the Globe really will have a new owner.

  2. New designs for the Walrus and the W3C validator

    The Walrus almost managed to turn an oops into a marketing ploy when one of its newsletters yesterday pointed readers to the development site. After realizing what happened the magazine quickly sent out an explanation (in fact, it was sent twice):

  3. Wire evolution

    Newspapers and portals have traditionally swallowed the wire copy whole, allow design to overwhelm the origin of content. Increasingly though, those stories are becoming commodities, and that threatens the wires’ business model. Mark Glaser explains how the industry is reacting to these changes

  4. Blogging the CAJ national conference

    David Akin is blogging the CAJ national conference in Vancouver this weekend, covering sessions he’s leading and attending. There are already posts on Kirk Lapointe and obligatory blogging and journalism session

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