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Online media matters


1999’s Posts.

  1. Re: Journalism Job Placements

    An answer to a reader question about journalism job placements.

  2. Macs, frames, and usablility

    The problems inherit in designing a usable site, especially with frames.

  3. Re: Question about Technology

    An answer about the effect technology has had on journalism.

  4. Steadfast Suggestions for Web Design

    A dozen suggestions and principles for basic Web design and site architecture.

  5. One more Internet bubble: MP3.com

    Looking at the astounding IPO of the music portal, MP3.com.

  6. After the Event has landed

    Reflecting on the Event’s impact.

  7. The next Event

    A personal perspective on what has been one of the biggest cultural events in the past 20 years, Star Wars.

  8. Canuck Portals

    The portal wars begin in Canada.

  9. Taxes

    The joy of taxes.

  10. Stay in the Dark

    An article, first published in the April 1999 issue of Shift, about the potential privacy risks you face surfing online, and how you can keep from being exposed.

  11. Examining Magazine Web Sites

    A early-1999 analysis of print magazine Web sites, including those of The New Yorker, Saturday Night, Chatelaine, Wired, and Shift.

  12. Top 100 English-Canadian Books

    This list of the top 100 English-Canadian books were chosen by the University of Toronto Bookstore Review in April 1999.

  13. Looks like another is needed…

    The updates continue.

  14. Re: Question on Objectivity

    A response to a reader’s question about the supposed importance of objective reporting.

  15. CBC’s Great Books

    The following 15 “Great Books� were discussed by Michael Enright and Dr. Bruce Meyer, on CBC Radio’s This Morning.