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The next Event

Not going to get “baby boomer dramatic,” but I was thinking about the Event. I’ve lived over half my life—sixteen years—since the last one came out.

As I write this, I am less than three hours away from seeing the next installment.

In the week since the first negative reviews of the latest installment started coming out, it's become almost cliché to respond to the criticsm with, "Who cares?"

Nonetheless…who cares about the critics complaints?

It was never about that. Yes, the special effects are going to be amazing; yes, the acting may be a bit stilted; yes, the plot it paper thin.

But it's not about that. It’s about the experience of it all; the fun. It's about being swept a way to a galaxy far, far away for over two hours.

For some, the Event carries more meaning than it does for others than it does for others. In my own life, the Event has had quite an effect, as it has for my friends.

And despite all the reviews, the hype, the promotions, and the marketing, we will always have fun watching, and enjoying the Event.