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May 2002’s Posts.

  1. Netscape 4 is five

    My most favourite browser in the whole world is hitting its fifth birthday on June 11 as rediscovered thanks to Matt Haughey and as detailed in a Netscape press release from the time. That’s like 35 Internet years.

  2. Impressive online journalism

    The big bugbear of this site is the current state of online journalism. Lest I give the impression all is lost, I thought I’d point you to some excellent examples.

  3. May 27 and 28, 2002

    Adding a couple of tips about special characters and one about indexing sites to the Web Building Tips. Also built the Special Characters Converter

  4. Showing your attribtues

    New at saila.com and evolt.org: “Show your attributes!” The mini-tutorial explains how to use the DOM to access attributes, like title, and display them on a page

  5. Browser updates; bombs

    Some browser updates for you:

  6. Show your attributes!

    This mini-tutorial illustrates how to use the Document Object Model to access attributes, like title, and display them on a Web page.

  7. online journalism as photojournalism

    Poynter’s online-news list has been debating the future of online-news industry for a while. But it was a recent posting by Clyde Bentley of the Missouri School of Journalism that crystallized an internal debate I’ve been having for a while.

  8. Netscape 7 coming

    Well, looks like Netscape 6 will have one of the shortest shelf lives of any recent browser (Netscape 4.x, released in 1997, is still kicking): version 7 is now in pre-release. This appears to be based on Mozilla 1.0 RC2.

  9. Mozilla-powered AOL

    As long rumoured, AOL is making big moves toward ditching Internet Explorer in favour of its own Netscape browser. The latest Macintosh version of the software will be, according to Reuters, using Netscape-developed technology, i.e., the Gecko layout engine.

  10. Episode II; changes

    So last night, I saw one of the first public screenings of Star Wars: Episode II after avoiding almost all the hype and comments about it. Although I do want to share some quick impressions about it, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so most people will be able to reveal my comments if they want.

  11. Speaking the unspoken

    Here’s a new way to put words in your mouth: MIT has developed software that creates video of people saying words they have never spoken. While good for computer animation, it could become a powerful tool for propoganda, as the The Boston Globe briefly mentions in it’s overview of the technology.

  12. May 14, 2002

    Now that everything seems to be moving smoothly, I will be sending out the much delayed newsletter shortly. Also planning on some minor additions to the Glossary and Web Building Tips

  13. Blogging as journalism

    A while back, I sketched out what was to be a piece for the Web Journalism section on “blogging as journalism.”

  14. Tables, djc leaves

    When the Ontario Science Centre needed a new homepage fast, I, ironically, found myself resorting to a table-based layout.

  15. May 9, 2002

    The options menus and homepage should now load, without error, in IE 5.x. Thanks to the readers who helped me narrow the problem down

  16. Conditional comments and Greenspon

    Some conscientious readers alerted me to the fact IE 5 and 5.5 weren’t displaying the homepage properly. I’ve got a temporary fix in place, but it seems to stem from the same situation that was plaguing me with Opera: object support being reported as true despite the fact there its incomplete. IE 6 displayed the page fine.

  17. Netscape 4 layouts, Dreamweaver, and ethics

    Updated the list of Netscape 4.x CSS templates with a bunch from the CSS Colouring Book.

  18. May 7, 2002

    Fixed a homepage error that appeared in IE 6, tightened up the JavaScript error-catching for Opera, but am stumbling on a new problem: it doesn’t seem one can set an input’s type attribute via the DOM…

  19. Fixing the site

    Some observations about fixing the site after it’s redesign…

  20. May 6, 2002

    Moved out some minor design changes, as well as a complete reworking of many dynamic elements so that they will be created through the DOM. The latter change has not been thoroughly tested, and is known to cause some problems in Opera. Over the next few days these will be fixed…

  21. Strike’s done

    After 54 days, its over. Fifty-four days. This has not been something I would like to repeat anytime soon.

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