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Impressive online journalism

The big bugbear of this site is the current state of online journalism. Lest I give the impression all is lost, I thought I’d point you to some excellent examples.

Fighting to Live as the Towers Died”—the much-discussed piece in The New York Times recreating the experience of those caught in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001—is a stunning example of investigative journalism. In its online version, the piece is made even stronger with the addition of:

This is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of when Clyde Bently made his “photojournalism” remark.

The CBC is also continuing its experimentation with online journalism by experimenting with blog-like postings from people living through the actual news stories. The Viewpoint Diaries currently features an Israeli doctor as well as a Palestinian journalist. Lisa Khoo, CBC News Online producer, wrote to online-news: “When it works they are fascinating..[. T]hey put a human face on the story.“

The site is also reusing content from its The Way We Work series, so when, for example doing a story about the softwood lumber industry, they include the column by the laid-off logger.

Also included are links to the forum that doubles as a means to continue the discussion and as a place where future “columnists” can be discovered.

Also from the CBC.ca site: why Canadians (and Brits) put an “f” in lieutenant.