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Some About saila.com Posts.

  1. Introducing Miscellany

    Reviving the idea of the old link blog to collect shared bits across the social web

  2. Not a Google beta

    Trust me, this beta isn’t supposed to be a permanent feature.

  3. Beta, baby

    The new design is finally unveiled in a non-Web 2.0 beta.

  4. Gone alpha

    Announcing the release of the alpha version of the long-delayed rebuild of saila.com

  5. Arrival

    The switch to the new host has been, apparently, successful.

  6. Packing the bags

    The time has come, after ten years, to switch Web hosts.

  7. August 26, 2005

    Hid the subscribe box and showed the search box in the menu Changed the spotlit items on the homepage.

  8. In a state of flux

    To repeat what once uttered to a confused hostess for a chain restaurant in some suburban mall: “Ummm, just a minute; we’re in a state of flux right now.”

  9. Registration pro: FT; registration con: Newsbot

    Registration is a buzzworthy topic these days, and I’ve just written a longer piece offering evidence for and against it.

  10. Redesigns on a theme

    Two new redesigns showcase some interesting features, and point to a larger trend.

  11. Comments re-enabled

    With this entry I give thee comments… (Which are still in beta, bugs can be sent via the feedback form.)

  12. Comments on a summer vacation

    Comments have been greatly improved for the new site.

  13. Comments a’comin’

    For those that care, comments are returning soon. But before they do, I’m taking some time off

  14. Will it ever launch?

    Laying out the plan to launch this new design.

  15. Redesign update

    For those wondering about the redesign of this site, I’ve posted an update

  16. Rare political rant

    I’ve also posted a rare (for this site, at least) political rant about a disturbing trend emerging in the current (Canadian) federal election

  17. Wha’ happened?

    Although part of the reason for the extended quiet here was due to the Digital Web Magazine redesign I was involved in, it mostly had to do with my dad’s unexpected, but much welcomed, transplant surgery. As he recovers — which he is doing quite nicely — we’re keep a blog-record of it to keep people informed (to visit, enter www.saila.com/ and then his first name, in lowercase). Ironically that blog will be pushing this blog to finally repair it’s comment system.

  18. February 26, 2004

    Updated the Creative Commons information to include rel="license" and the RDF content

  19. February 6, 2004

    Removed the small ads and hit counter found under the navigation menu

  20. Craig Saila (Short Bio)

    Craig Saila specializes in online news media with a unique focus on creating engaging user experiences for web apps and content-rich sites; for more than a decade, he has led teams designing and developing for North America’s leading news sites

  21. September 30, 2003

    I’ve added three new sites to my blogroll: Lars Holst’s, dionidium.com, and Anne van Kestere’s Weblog about Markup & Style. (I also removed a few stale sites…) Also, offsite links now open in the current browser window as opposed to a pop-up

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