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July 2007’s Posts.

  1. Arrival

    The switch to the new host has been, apparently, successful.

  2. Packing the bags

    The time has come, after ten years, to switch Web hosts.

  3. Monkey News

    Looks like the folks at Mozilla are looking to make scripting languages like JavaScript and Python a browser plug-in.

  4. Zunior.com

    The digital music store that, with its selection, prices, and DRM free music, puts iTunes to shame.

  5. CSS 2.1 a Candidate Recommendation

    Almost there, one more step and CSS 2.1 is official.

  6. Uniform Event Model

    Making Internet Explorer respect the W3C DOM3 Event recommendations.

  7. RIP: Checkers

    An Albertan computer professor has, after 18 years of computations, had proved checkers is impossible to win.

  8. More multi-touch from Apple

    A collection of multi-touch interfaces proposed by Apple over the years.

  9. Leaflets

    Blue Flavor creates a very clever iPhone gateway and templates for a number of Web apps.

  10. Introducing iUI

    Joe Hewitt explains a new AAjax framework for use in building native feeling iPhone Web apps.

  11. 2007 Polaris nominees

    An overview of the somewhat surprising (yet excellent) nominees for 2007's Polaris Music Prize.

  12. Wikipedia top information site

    Nearly 50 million unique visitors went to the site in May, according to Nielsen//NetRankings, ironically.

  13. Nielsen goes with time spent

    Online metrics to be measured by time spent, not page views, but same problems still apply.

  14. Write articles not blogs

    Jakob Nielsen offers some good advice on how to be an expert.

  15. purple-include

    An easy way include "of part of a document into another document by reference" using JavaScript

  16. CSS Redundancy Checker

    A Ruby-based tool that finds all the CSS selectors not used in the specified HTML files or URLs.

  17. StartupNorth

    A Canadian "TechCrunch" reviewing Canadian startups and hoping to build a community around them

  18. Toronto neighbourhood guides

    BlogTO releases its neighbourhood guides as for the offline visitor (map included!)

  19. Low Pro

    An extension to the JavaScript Prototype library offering some nice unobtrusive scripting additions.

  20. CBC Skypes

    Some shows have begun using Skype as an alternative to satellite video feeds

  21. CNN frees its video

    The formerly Premium Pipeline service is now free, and welcomes user-submitted video

  22. Google frees FeedBurner

    Pro version of feed tracker is now available as part of the free, base package

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