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June 2, 2004’s Posts.

  1. New IE will be the same as the old

    Ian Hickson is at the W3C’s Workshop on Web Applications and Compound Documents where he learned the version of Internet Explorer to be included with Longhorn — a.k.a, the next version of Windows — apparently still won’t support XHTML with a MIME type of “application/xhtml+xml” nor will it natively support SVG. As well, the Microsoft representatives said, according to Hickson, “significantly more comprehensive test suites” are needed before Microsoft will work on standards compliance again

  2. Widgetopia relaunches

    Widgetopia has relaunched as collaborative site in which anyone can post examples of user-interface elements; the site also has its own domain: “widgetopia.net”

  3. New IE7 better than the old

    Dean Edwards continues his admirable work on IE7, and has released version 0.6. Though still an alpha, he’s added support for fixed positioning and IE 5.0. One big change is IE7 can now respect CSS precedence and specificity. Any questions can be posted in the support forums

  4. Rare political rant

    I’ve also posted a rare (for this site, at least) political rant about a disturbing trend emerging in the current (Canadian) federal election

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