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Online media matters


July 7, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Comments re-enabled

    With this entry I give thee comments… (Which are still in beta, bugs can be sent via the feedback form.)

  2. New IE5/Mac filter

    Doug Bowman tapped Tantek Çelik’s brain and out emerged the IE5/Mac Band Pass Filter. The result causes the former to eulogize the browser the latter helped build

  3. Big BBC Online cuts

    A few weeks ago, when talking with someone who worked at the BBC Online, I was stunned to learn the massive scale of its operation. Now the government is ordering the broadcaster to shut down some of those reported 20,000 Web sites. The BBC is shutting five down, and is promising to limit its online budget to about �21-million-a-year, down from a �73 million this year. A cut that size will have a dramatic affect on the services offered by BBC Online, but still leaves them with an budget many Canadian sites would envy.

  4. Registering the Star

    As promised, the Toronto Star is encouraging its users to register — in method sadly reminiscent of another paper’s attempts

  5. Freeing the GIF in Canada

    Finally, the GIF is patent-free in Canada

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