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August 2005’s Posts.

  1. Get yourr Weekly Pass

    Finally, the TTC is offering a transferable weekly and monthly pass starting September 1.

  2. Dean Edwards’ IE7 updated

    Version 0.9 is the last feature release before it moves to beta and final.

  3. Counting FeedBurner

    A PHP counter for FeedBurner.

  4. Get Opera ad-free

    The browser is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is letting people register for an ad-free version (good marketing move, too).

  5. Andie Barrie and crew returning to airwaves

    The former staff of CBC’s Toronto morning show return to the airwaves Labour Day morning.

  6. Getting dry DSL hassle-free

    The seconnd in a series of rants about VoIP and dry DSL explains how easy it can be to get both — if you look at it the right way.

  7. CANOE converges again

    Sometimes they never learn: PPK tries again to be the master of convergence.

  8. The Official Megabin Site!!

    The Web imitates life in this unfathanobly awful (official) Web site for Toronto’s new mega garbage bins.

  9. Mark Starowicz on the CBC lockout

    The senior executive producer of the CBC Documentary Unit opines on the lockout in a biased, but balanced opinion piece.

  10. Making a better business magazine

    Some advice from Jon Friedman on how to improve on the current host of business magazines. (Canadian Business already does a lot of this.)

  11. Caught on tape: Finch Avenue collapses!

    Nine photos of the massive collapse of Finch Avenue during the recent storm.

  12. Toronto iPod Subway Maps

    Have an iPod that displays photos? Get the map to Toronto’s subway system (or about a dozen others).

  13. August 26, 2005

    Hid the subscribe box and showed the search box in the menu Changed the spotlit items on the homepage.

  14. Ninjalicious obit

    More details on Jeff Chapman’s life and death. He will be missed.

  15. Ninjalicious is dead

    Ninjalicious , a pioneer of urban exploration, has died. Not sure, not sure when, but he was a underground (pun intended) cultural icon.

  16. Kottke’s thoughts on a WebOS

    He’s put a lot of thought into this and the potential is powerful, but I do have a sense of déjà.

  17. Online video news in Canada

    The Globe and Mail runs an insightful (if incestuous) article about video online.

  18. Brilliant new A List Apart design

    Buzzed-about in pre-launch, this design involved some big, big names: Jeffrey Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, Eric Meyer, Dan Benjamin, Kevin Cornell, and Erin Kissane.

  19. CBCunplugged

    The Tyee has the story about the site the locked-out CBC workers built to keep reporting the news.

  20. Producing online projects

    Designed for the projects with the Virtual Museum Canada, this online guide can be used for developing general online projects, too.

  21. Robert A. Moog dies

    The man who essentially gave birth to electronica by inventing synthesizers that turned electric currents into sound has died age 71.

  22. Exploring Internet Explorer

    A new MSDN feature that could help give some tips on working with the popular browser.

  23. WikiPEI

    The guys at silverorange muse about governement Web sites, and create a wiki for their home province in the process.

  24. Single advertisier in New Yorker sparks concern

    Jon Friedman applauds the New Yorker’s decision to use Target as its sole advertiser; others moan.

  25. Extending tabindex

    Some documentation explaining how tabindex works on every element in Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer.

  26. Police allowed to spy on Canadians’ Net use

    A new law will give police and national security agencies new powers to eavesdrop on cellphone calls and monitor the Internet activities of Canadians.

  27. Petition to overturn satellite pay radio decisions

    The American satellite radio companies got a sweet deal mine Canadians pockets. We, however, got very little in return. Ask PM² to stop it.

  28. Blogging the CBC lockout

  29. Klymkiw leaving CBC

    Slawko Klymkiw, the man behind much of the innovative features on CBC is leaving said Mother Corp.

  30. Why doesn’t Internet Explorer add a table using appendChild?

    Adding a table using the DOM is relatively easy — all you need to do is dynamically create the needed TD (and/or TH), TR, TBODY (and/or TFOOT and/or THEAD), and TABLE nodes using createElement. The you add each child to its parent using appendChild.

  31. Design In-Flight: Web edition

    In its previous incarnation, Design In-Flight was a subscription-based PDF magazine. Now it’s been freed into a Web-friendly format.

  32. TTC stations on Google Maps

    Ian Stevens puts Toronto’s subway stations on Google Maps.

  33. New JavaScript Array methods

    Gecko 1.8 will provide Firefox’ JavaScript engine with a bunch of new, and helpful, methods for the Array object.

  34. Blatchford profile

    The Eyeopener has a rare, in-depth profile of fellow alumni, Christie Blatchford.

  35. efrank.ca design?

    Allegedly, this design (which looks to be very graphic or Flash heavy) shows what the online version of Frank will look like.

  36. Cohen broke?!

    Maclean’s will be running an article detailing the news that Leonard Cohen is broke.

  37. xajax: a PHP library for Ajax apps

    Touted as the the easiest way to develop asynchronous Ajax applications with PHP. Filed for future reference.

  38. Canadian Net penetration levels

    New study shows 73% are connected, as they've been for three years. Sixty-four percent of those have high-speeed access.

  39. Fucking Caps and Spelling

    Canadian journalism’s de facto spelling guide, Caps and Spelling, allows “fuck” to be spelled out.

  40. It’s gonne be a good fall

    Laying aside it also brings an anniversary and a birthday, there are about a dozen solid Canadian releases coming out.

  41. CBC locks out employees

    This morning, I woke up and flipped on CBC Radio One as I normally do. Today, though, I did it primarily to see if the inevitable didn’t happen. But it did. The voice on the radio told me the CBC management had locked-out its 5,500 or so members of the Canadian Media Guild. The Mother Corp. wants more flexibility in its hiring practices by hiring more contract workers. Already, almost a third of the employees now are currently working on a contract basis.

  42. Bob Rae on universities

    The funding system for Canada's education post-secondary education system is a mess and we need desparately to fix them.

  43. Thinking behind New York Times newsroom merger

    Mark Glaser talks with Martin Nisenholtz and Bill Keller about The New York Times dreams and plans.

  44. CBC to be silenced

    CBC could face a long and ugly strike or lock-out of almost all its employees Monday.

  45. Survey on Toronto’s new garbage bins

    Do you like the new bins? Or do you think they’re a billboard retrofitted to collect our waste. Tell the city what you think.

  46. Two-colour sIFR

    Here’s a clever way to do sIFR as a duotone.

  47. Young Canadians choose Net

    Ditching radio and TV in favour of the Net; CANOE, CBC.ca, and CTV.ca most popular sites for Canadians.

  48. The 911 on VoIP

    Canadian police and security services are worried about the difficulties in tracking VoIP calls.

  49. Going dry with DSL

    The first in a what I hope will be a series detailing my experience trying to set-up VoIP on with a Sympatico DSL service tied to my phone number.

  50. Going dry with DSL

    The first in a what I hope will be a series detailing my experience trying to set-up VoIP on with a Sympatico DSL service tied to my phone number.

  51. Blogging The Amazing Race

    Longtime blogger Cam Barret wants to get on The Amazing Race with his brother and they’re using this site to drum up support.

  52. Ajax mistakes

    They should be obvious, but best to read these mistakes just in case.

  53. YASNS: O’Reilly Connection

    This one’s a developer-centric netwrok for jobs, essentially. If you join, add me as a connection.

  54. Introducing the Mozilla Corporation

    Speculation is that this taxable entity may have been created, in part, to work with Google (and I’d add Nokia).

  55. Multiple backgrounds in Safari

    Surprisingly, Safari already has the support for multiple backgrounds.

  56. Blogged coverage of air crash

    BlogTO does an great job summarizing the news from the air crash in Toronto.

  57. Toronto plane crash audio

    A Web search and some careful listening helped me produce this audio file and annotation of the Toronto air crash today.

  58. They come in threes

    What happens when the inevitable happens not once, but three times in four days?

  59. What happened to The 360?

    BlogTO looks into why the Legion shut its doors to the Toronto music and the Queen West communities.

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