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There’s a line in the retirement announcement for Martin Nisenholtz mentioning The New York Times’ website had no page views when he started working on the paper’s digital efforts. Today, of course, the site has ten of millions daily, even with its new subscription policy.

This industry has changed so much since the mid-nineties, it’s easy to forget that fundamental business beliefs are fragile, transitory, and completely unproven. Designer Andy Clarke candidly describes how he was reminded of that when revisiting some web development practices recently. While reading that post, I, too, was struck by how far I’ve drifted from my former area of expertise.

For most of its 15 years online, saila.com has reflected the different areas of expertise I’ve had within the digital industry. At first, the site collected interesting links. Then it became a living example of web development and design techniques. But recently, saila.com has been far too dormant.

Most of what was previously posted here is now scattered across the social web (on Twitter, Instapaper, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.). So, in effort to recollect those scattered bits, I'm formally kicking off my tumblelog — Saila’s Miscellany — and renaming my @SailaLinks Twitter account to @SailaMisc.

Let me know your thoughts as you follow one or both.

Plus ça change…