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September 2007’s Posts.

  1. Secrets of Sidebar

    Sidebar Creative, the freelance co-op (a brilliant idea), talk to Digital Web about their process

  2. The history of Amazon-ian tabs

    A new design suggest Amazon might be going back to the past to tame its tabs.

  3. Sistr

    An early sIFR alternative using Silverlight.

  4. New York Times free again

    The New York Times is dropping its online paid-subscription plan two years after launching it (and four after The Globe and Mail launched the model The Times used). The spin is the online advertising boom change the rules of the game. However, advertising revenue would be a pittance compared to the potential revenue generated through annual subscriptions.

  5. The Times is free

    The New York Times drops is subscription model, and also makes early archives and those from the past decade free to the public.

  6. Good job posts

    When checking the times for (my first) DemoCamp tonight, I stumbled across the TorCamp job board. This is an excellent place for anyone looking to fill local Toronto jobs with potentially qualified people.

  7. Doing tabs right

    Thirteen guidelines on how to use tabbed navigation.

  8. Visual-O-Rama

    Poke the tires of Idée's amazing visual search tool (iPod for the bst 5 results).

  9. ONA 2007 finalists

    CanCon: Two nods for the Toronto Star's "Lost in Migration", one for the CBC's consumer reporting, and one for The Globe and Mail.

  10. The radiated book

    Eleven years before Vannevar Bush's seminal essay, Paul Otlet proposed any even more Web-like vision.

  11. Canada's venture capital crisis

    Mark Evans looks at why investment in Canadian start-ups is dangerously non-existent.

  12. Detecting WebKit script

    Don't do it. But if you really must find out which WebKit-based browser is visiting, here's a script for you.

  13. Le Monde goes 2.0

    France's Le Monde has launched an impressive Digg-style news service called "Le Post"

  14. The day the news first stopped

    When Princess Diana died, CBC experienced the same traffic surged many sites faced six-years ago today.

  15. Gone alpha

    Announcing the release of the alpha version of the long-delayed rebuild of saila.com

  16. Text as design misleading

    Sometimes, if important information is overly-designed, and poorly placed, it can get lost.

  17. Real-time journalism

    That this is considered an innovative idea still is shocking, nevertheless it should be repeated until real-time reporting is second-nature.

  18. Beautiful design critique

    A Brief Message aims to offer a design opinions in 200-words or less each presented on an "art-directed" Web page.

  19. Defining (HTML) semantics

    John Allsopp offers a comprehensive explanation of what semantic mark-up is and how it works.

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