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Good job posts

When checking the times for (my first) DemoCamp tonight, I stumbled across the TorCamp job board. This is an excellent place for anyone looking to fill local Toronto jobs with potentially qualified people.

But, please, before posting, ask yourself: Are all the requirements and responsibilities an essential part of the job or are there any edge cases? In Toronto, it is extremely hard to file a full-time position with skilled Web talent; don’t make it any harder on yourself.

For example, the Art Gallery of Ontario posted two positions (for a designer and developer) for what looks to be an interesting project using the Web’s best practices. Given my experience, I should be eligible for at least one of the positions — but for both I’m either missing key minimum requirements or skills.

In fact, of all the talented people I know who could apply, I can think of no one who matches the job profile as outlined.

In this market, those tiny misses might be enough to dissuade qualified from even bothering to apply. My suggestion if you are getting too few applicants:

  1. Provide a good summary of the job, department, and company (the AGO did do this quite well).
  2. Outline the three main job responsibilities (that will be enough to cover the essentials of the job, any more will make the job seem overwhelming).
  3. List no more than six job requirements (the others can be determined in a follow-up screening call or interview).
  4. Include some triggers to attract the right people (the AGO did this brilliantly by referencing “standards compliant web markup”).

Good hunting!