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April 2002’s Posts.

  1. Take some time away from work

    The Europeans have been doing this for a longtime, and I have been a quiet proponent of the ideas as well: taking a month off to recharge one’s batteries.

  2. Canadian New Media Awards finalists; CodZilla update

    The 2002 Canadian New Media Awards finalists were announced today, and although I wasn’t a finalist for my nominated category of Best Educator, my buddies at ThinData were. The Toronto Web design firm is nominated, for the second year-in-a-row, in the Best Employer category; and CEO Chris Carder is a finalist for Best Volunteer.

  3. On- and offline reading

    Gotta love the weekend rituals. First read the Globe while drinking some coffee (today’s mug: a two-cupper from promoting excite.ca), then grabbing my email and reading the latest Netsurfer Digest, from whence these came:

  4. Text ads; Sympatico rate hike

    Last September, usability expert Jakob Nielsen wrote a column on how to milk text ads for all they’re worth. When Christophe Bruno tried to do the same, in a more poetic manner, Google pulled them.

  5. Wired vs. Shift; rich media

    Lynn Crosbie’s latest Globe column is a nice, lay-person’s introduction to two magazines that seemingly cover the same topics—Wired> and Shift.

  6. Mike Bullard and Steve Mann

    Went to the taping of Mike Bullard’s show after picketing today. During my time on the line I’ve read a few books, the latest being Cyborg. Written by the eccentric Steve Mann (the wearable computer guy), it’s, unintentionally, a fascinating insight into a hard-core geek’s head.

  7. Not online journalism

    The only thing the following bits have in common is the fact there is no mention of the state of online journalism in Canada:

  8. Digesting the lay-offs

    More on the CANOE cuts, which includes actually almost all the editorial people. Reuters says the “the sites will be used as a ‘showcase’ for Quebecor’s other media properties”. Why?

  9. Online media gutted

    As rumoured, Quebecor cut 67 jobs from its Netgraphe division—including CANOE—late this morning. Reportedly, among the 67 jobs:

  10. April 15, 2002

    Created a section for photographs in the Attic

  11. Queen’s Park sit-in

    Went to OPSEU’s big protest at Queen’s Park. We’ve been on strike, for almost five weeks, and the union decided to make its presence felt as Ernie Eves was sworn in as Ontario’s new premier.

  12. Correct DOCTYPEs

    Zeldman points out something many Web builders (myself included) have missed: most of DOCTYPEs being included in today’s Web sites are wrong. The reason? They don’t include the full URLs.

  13. Final days for CANOE?

    Quebecor reportedly plans to restructure CANOE by eliminating original editorial content and almost half the staff.

  14. Spring redesigns

    With the smell of spring in the air, Web sites have begun their redesigns. This site will be unveiling a tweak to its design shortly, but glish.com has unveiled a complete overhaul of the site.

  15. McKinsey on the online industry

    Though the writing style is often dry, and the focus can be a bit to business, the McKinsey Quarterly usually has some excellent pieces about the Information Economy and online industry. For example:

  16. DOCTYPE clarity

    If you ever wondered what DOCTYPE triggers a browser’s strict mode, Eric A. Meyer has the chart for you.

  17. Codzilla

    Is CodZilla for real?

  18. Long-form journalism not Web-friendly?

    Ironically, Michael Kinsley, ex-editor of Slate, has been saying in various exit interviews, that at Slate they were unable to successfully do long-form journalism à la The New Yorker. (Ironically, The New York Times published a story claiming even magazines were abandoning this style of journalism.)

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