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Online media gutted

As rumoured, Quebecor cut 67 jobs from its Netgraphe division—including CANOE—late this morning. Reportedly, among the 67 jobs:

In a macabre coincidence, Yahoo Canada also laid-off an unspecified number of employees. From the sounds of it, the positions cut were technical and editorial ones.

AOL announced today Compuserve will be using a Gecko-based browser. This could be the first step for the company to completely switch to a Netscape 6/Mozilla-esque browser.

You may have seen a few of these links around already, but they fit into today’s theme: design.

I’ve written about Web color before, and recently bashed my head against the Web-safe colour wall. VisiBone has potentially eased that pain with another terrific chart, this time with 1,068 colours. Just wish they had an online version—I’d be willing to pay a per-use fee for it.

Despite using a uncolourful palette, John Weir managed to work magic with his redesign of the International Herald Tribune’s site. He talks about his experiences at Ordinary-Life.net.

Chris Anderson talks about his experiences as the new editor-in-chief of Wired. The June issue will unveil a new look, including the return of the infamous “Tired/Wired” feature.

Tracking the dot-com boom-bust is easy with my six-plus years worth of Wired’s: the October 1999 to January 2001 issues are fattened by the New Ecomony excesses. The crash happens and the ad pages drop.

In fact, combine the first three issues of this year and you the size of one issue during the boom.