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CANOE Money: R.I.P.

CANOE Money is dead, long live CANOE Money. The marketing brains at Quebecor decided to kill the six-year-old brand and replace it with one bought from Videotron.

The site I worked at during my time with CANOE is now known as Webfin.

I’m pretty confident no-one outside of CANOE’s Montreal HQ is happy about that. In fact, when first logging into the portfolio you see a screen capture with an ad showing two TIE fighters flying toward you from the Death Star.

And, as per usual with such massive undertakings, things were running a bit slow after the relaunch—the site, though, looks clean and well-laid out. Much of the functionality in place now (from the editors’ perspective and the users’) was planned for the July 2001 redesign/relaunch but never happened (two big ones: a Web-based CMS for the editors and personalized pages for the users).

Unfortunately, the username/passwrod combo for some services are different than the rest of CANOE’s, forcing you to re-register. The inconvience is further accentuated by a poor translation job: instead of Mr., the form uses M. Also, some of the error pages are still en français.

These, however, are minor points that will be fixed. Generally the site is easy to move around in, presents the news and stocks clearly and has some neat added-value stuff (such making your own buy/sell recommendation of stocks and a powerful news search).

But, if you don’t like the new site, you can still use the old one—most of CANOE Money still exists (effectively avoiding the issue of link rot) and much of the information (like the stock quotes) is still functional.