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December 2001’s Posts.

  1. The year that was

    A year-end review, without the predictions, of the Internet in 2001

  2. Have a good New Year’s

    What with the holidays, the New Year festivities, and a trip to Ottawa to visit family and friends, LCKY will be quiet until at least January 7, 2002.

  3. December 27, 2001

    Just in time for “One page, many designs”, saila.com now has a number of different designs for Netscape 6, Mozilla, and other Gecko-based browsers to try

  4. December 21, 2001

    Fixed some problems with the Links box on the homepage, as well as the Mini Web Reference

  5. AdCritic.com, DrKoop.com gone as independent content comes back

    This week we bid adieu to:

  6. December 18, 2001

    Opera (versions 5 and 6) is once again displaying the table-free, CSS-based layout. Unfortunately, because of Opera’s poor DOM support, the dynamic functionality is not available in that browser

  7. CBC.ca redesigns

    Yikes. You know things are bad when DoubleClick shuts down its Canadian ad sales arm.

  8. Simple CSS drop shadows

    There are a number of ways to create Web-based drop shadows; this article offers a way to do it that works in most browsers, while degrading in the rest — and graphics are not needed.

  9. Three-column layout tutorial coming

    Been getting a few emails asking about how I do saila.com’s three-column, fluid layout with only CSS.

  10. The WaSP rests

    They done good work.

  11. December 13, 2001

    Added a new guideline to the Steadfast Suggestions for Web Design and cleaned it up slightly

  12. Newspaper subscriptions

    Following on the heels of a study saying Canadian news sites lost ground to CNN post-September 11, The Globe and Mail reports the Winnipeg Free Press is moving to a pay model.

  13. First Usenet post, first Web visit

    After following Joe Crawford’s (of ArtLung) first Usenet posting, I decided to see if I could dig up mine. Could never find it in Deja, but Google Groups has dug it up: “Re: What do Coffee Drinkers Want out of life?”, from November 2, 1994.

  14. The sincerest form of flattery

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Simcoe.com must really like the globeandmail.com. According to a senior producer at globeandmail.com, that site launched its design in June—a time when, according to the Internet Archive, Simcoe.com still liked bevelled graphics.

  15. Dot-com mania hangover

    This dot-com mania hangover truly is brutal.

  16. CANOE Money: R.I.P.

    CANOE decides to replace its established business brand, the result? A truly Canadian effort.

  17. Dynamic style sheets

    A discussion on evolt.org’s thelist on using ASP to create a “customizable” style sheet using variables lead me to this article, “Creating Dynamic Style Sheets Using ASP”. Am in the process now of playing around with the concepts therein to see if I can find a solution to my ongoing style sheet battles with Netscape 4.x

  18. December 1, 2001

    Made a variety of minor tweaks to help prevent Mozilla 0.9.6 from crashing all the time. Along with those tweaks are a few minor stylistic improvements that, in a dose of irony, work best in Mozilla

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