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Some CANOE Posts.

  1. Canoe and Sun Media merging

    What goes around, comes around

  2. Sun Media cutting 600 jobs

    Ten percent of its workforce will be gone by year's end

  3. Adrian Bromley, 1971-2008

    He was one of the first people in the industry I worked with and made those night shifts something to enjoy - 30 -

  4. CANOE Money’s back; high-speed and dial-up users equal

    During the dot-com boom, I was working at CANOE’s financial site, CANOE Money. The ride was fast and crazy and less than a year after I left the site underwent a drastic redesign that rebranded it Webfin.

  5. CANOE at eight; the frame spacing test

    CANOE is now paddling into its eighth year. Despite all the hardships the site has been through, it is good to see that CANOE’s still online.

  6. Guide to handheld style and a tutorial on CSS

    The last couple of times I’ve gotten together with former co-workers at the Jersey Giant, the bar seems to be giving away free beer and related tchotchkes. Last time it was Guinness, this time, though, it was Canadian. Nevertheless, I did manage to have a good time.

  7. Digesting the lay-offs

    More on the CANOE cuts, which includes actually almost all the editorial people. Reuters says the “the sites will be used as a ‘showcase’ for Quebecor’s other media properties”. Why?

  8. Online media gutted

    As rumoured, Quebecor cut 67 jobs from its Netgraphe division—including CANOE—late this morning. Reportedly, among the 67 jobs:

  9. Final days for CANOE?

    Quebecor reportedly plans to restructure CANOE by eliminating original editorial content and almost half the staff.

  10. CANOE at six; AWOL show

    CANOE had its sixth anniversary on March 4, and unlike past years, there was no big mention of it on the site. In fact, go to the history section and you’ll see no mention of it. The message that greets you is from last year, and the timeline has been updated since last January.

  11. The WaSP rests

    They done good work.

  12. CANOE Money: R.I.P.

    CANOE decides to replace its established business brand, the result? A truly Canadian effort.

  13. Canadian traffic boast

    Further example of how misrepresentative Media Metrix’ numbers can be:

  14. Trying to make money

    Looks like a comment I made on Buzz.ca has stirred the pot over at CANOE. As I told some of my former colleagues, the item wasn't intended mean-spiritedly, but more as a comment on how Web content sites are searching out ways to generate cash. I feel it's an especially relevant topic in light of what's happened with Spingboard.ca, the Automatic Media gang, and possibly Salon.

  15. CANOE, meet NetGraphe

    Pierre Karl Peledeau's foray into convergence occured just as the markets peaked, and the move has left Quebecor $7 billion in debt. While the printing operations are in the black, the new media divison is $1.5 billion in the red, leaving Quebecor struggling to make payments. And on the heels of merging NetGraphe with CANOE in a bizarre reverse-IPO, the company's top brass are paying the Toronto troops a visit tomorrow.

  16. Portals for women

    Slipped into an article about Excite Canada firing 41 percent of its employees, was the seed of a intriguing story: the death spasms of the Canadian women's portals.

  17. More changes for CANOE

    What Quebecor’s merger of CANOE and Netgraphe means.

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