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saila.com: October 2001’s Posts. - MMXII beta edition

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Online media matters


October 2001’s Posts.

  1. Dis-Connect

    The Toronto Sun’s Connect is no longer. The end of the weekly technology section comes on the heels of continued lay-offs at the paper. Toronto’s other daily, The Star, shuttered its tech section a few months ago.

  2. Newfoundland’s new name

    As I work on a piece about one journalist’s attempts to make money online, I thought I’d share something completely unrelated: the province that can always get a laugh is changing its name.

  3. Online Journalism Awards; Web standards

    A little while ago, I mentioned that a couple of Canadian sites were nominated in the Online Journalism Awards, unfortunately, when the winners were chosen this past Friday, neither the globeandmail.com nor CTVNEWS.com won in their category. For the record, BBC Online and Slate were the big winners of the night, each capturing the relevant General Excellence award.

  4. MSN opens up

    As predicted, Microsoft changed its MSN access policy. Opera and Mozilla will—in theory (but not yet in practice)—have access to the site, but there are no guarantees the content will look good. (For some good fun, read Opera's press release about it all, then view the XHTML-version of the release in Internet Explorer 5+ and in Opera or Mozilla.)

  5. saila.com at five, MSN blocks Mozilla

    Sometime this fall—the date lost being memory—is the fifth anniversary of this site. Orginally hosted at the former Toronto-based ISP, Interlog, at http://www.interlog.com/~saila/, it moved to its own doman (this one), in August of 1997 (the dot-ca edition came last November).

  6. Subscriptions might just work

    If the right kind of sites adopt them.

  7. Digital editions

    The Globe and Mail unveiled today a very old-school idea: put the entire paper online. The catch is, this electronic version lets you see the pages as they were printed—full-colour layout, ads, articles, and…ads.

  8. Flash stats

    Some stats on the popularity of the different multimedia players as of September 2001 (caveat emptor: the study was commissioned by Macromedia—the makers of Flash and Shockwave):

  9. Ems and awards

    Anyone who has ever wondered why ' is not ’, and how using -- could infuriate people, should read the “The Trouble With EM’n EN.”

  10. Canadian traffic boast

    Further example of how misrepresentative Media Metrix’ numbers can be:

  11. Patenting Web templates

    A perfect example of the stupidity of Web-based patents: IBM has been granted the patent for Web templates. And in case you think the company filed this long ago, it didn’t.

  12. Devolution of blogging

    The events of September 11 has brought on the worst in some weblogs.

  13. October 16, 2001

    Display problems for IE 5+ browsers at Living Can Kill You have been fixed, and the white space to the left of banner up top should be gone, too. (If you notice something odd, let me know)

  14. Surging traffic for online news

    September’s Web traffic numbers are out, and — not surprisingly — online news sites fared impressively well. On average, the general news sites had a 32 percent boost in traffic. Despite being U.S.-only numbers, anecdotal evidence suggests Canadian sites (like CBC.ca and CANOE) experienced similar growth.

  15. Debunkng hoaxes

    To those who are worried about the threat of hoaxes and false information on the Net, I offer this. (A good source of September 11-related rumour-debunking can be found at snopes.com.)

  16. October 4, 2001

    As I mentioned last week, saila.com is switching to a server using ASP, which will require some substantial changes to the site’s architecture. I hope you won't notice any disruptions as the work gets underway, as the end result will allow for a more interactive and open saila.com

  17. Bert - bin Laden and airing the tape

    By now you’ve likely seen the Bert - bin Laden poster, perhaps read the explanation for its appearance, but did you know about, as the National Post writes, “Bert’s political beliefs first aroused controversy in 1996”?

  18. The Armies of the Night

    Picked up Norman Mailer’s The Armies of the Night at this year’s Word on the Street, and have been quite enjoying it, though I find it strange reading his observations made while protesting the Vietnam War, even as we attack Afghanistan. For example, his definition of a “bad war”:

  19. Canadian magazines hurting

    Masthead Online is reporting on a rumoured postal hike that could be a knock-out blow to an already dizzy magazine industry in Canada.

  20. War

    On Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, the world is attacking Afghanistan.

  21. October 5, 2001

    Got a PDA? You can now take saila.com with you. Under the Options or Personalize menu there’s a class of links called “To Go”. AvantGo creates a channel for the eponymous PDA browser, and DOC File makes a Palm-friendly file of the Web page using the technology from Screwdriver

  22. October 5, 2001

    Added text-based icons to the Web Design Tips to indicate the type of tip. As the list grows, I will likely arrange these tips by category

  23. October 4, 2001

    >There’s now a headline feed from saila.com you can access to include in your site. It’s a simple XML-based RSS file, so it can be used to distribute this site’s content. You can see an example of what’s possible with the content through UserLand

  24. Repsonse to Web patents

    One of the amazing things about WebDesign-L is the high signal-to-noise ratio. This is in large part due to the impressive efforts by the ListMom, Steve Champeon and the fact the members are among the world's best Web design experts.

  25. Web patents

    Had Tim Berners-Lee patented his creation, the World Wide Web, he could have become a multi-billionaire. Instead, he gave it away, believing that would be the best way for the Web to flourish.

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