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Some Patents Posts.

  1. Apple to patent CSS animation effects

    Not cool at all.

  2. Dual-sided, translucent touch-screens

    A patent filing from Apple showcases some innovative new interface ideas.

  3. Microsoft licensed Eolas technology

    Internet Explorer will once again be able to run plug-ins without requiring the user to "click to activate"

  4. Viola not prior art for Eolas patent

    One of the big arguments against the Eolas patent (the one potentially costing Microsoft US$560 bmillion and Web developers a lot of headaches) was the existence of prior art in the form of the pre-Mosaic Viola browser (ironically developed at UC Berkeley)

  5. Freeing the GIF in Canada

    Finally, the GIF is patent-free in Canada

  6. Rewarding openess

    Today Tim Berners-Lee receives €1 million from the world’s largest technology prize, the Millennium Technology Prize, for — in part — not patenting his most spectacular invention, the Web itself.

  7. Eolas invalid

    Missed this over the weekend, but the infamous Eolas patent — the one claiming ownership over plug-in technology — has been invalidated by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This should mean the expected service pack for Internet Explorer 6 won’t include the “fixes” Microsoft released five months ago, which in turn, revealed how to install multiple versions of said browser

  8. Nielsen says patent; maybe CanCon rules are needed

    Stupidest advice yet: Jakob Nielsen actually advocates that companies “patent usability innovations.” Great, just great.

  9. Eolas patent re-examined; Canadians willing to pay for content; homepage usability

    Microsoft nature is so often debated in Web/software-related discussions, it’s mere mention is almost becoming a variant of Godwin’s Law. The one safe area seems to be when discussing the company in relation to Eolas’ “906” patent. The problems with said patent have encouraged the USPTO to re-examine the issue (no doubt prompted by Microsoft’s lobbyists), and I hope, it will rule the patent invalid.

  10. QuirksMode; opposing Eolas

    Note: when streetcar tracks are wet and you are passing over them on a diagonal on a fast-moving bicycle, do so carefully.

  11. XForms 1.0, and more CSS modules; Eolas patent

    The W3C has been busy once again. XForms 1.0 is now a proposed recommendation — this is what may be used in XHTML 2.0 — but Microsoft is already going its own way by using its own XML-based form tool in the version of Office.

  12. Patenting Web templates

    A perfect example of the stupidity of Web-based patents: IBM has been granted the patent for Web templates. And in case you think the company filed this long ago, it didn’t.

  13. Canadian magazines hurting

    Masthead Online is reporting on a rumoured postal hike that could be a knock-out blow to an already dizzy magazine industry in Canada.

  14. Repsonse to Web patents

    One of the amazing things about WebDesign-L is the high signal-to-noise ratio. This is in large part due to the impressive efforts by the ListMom, Steve Champeon and the fact the members are among the world's best Web design experts.

  15. Web patents

    Had Tim Berners-Lee patented his creation, the World Wide Web, he could have become a multi-billionaire. Instead, he gave it away, believing that would be the best way for the Web to flourish.

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